November 22, 2020

The Best Studds Ninja Helmet, Elite Black Helmet, C.Strip W.C.V(L)

About Studds  Helmet

Studds Ninja Helmet has a wide range of helmets and motorcycle accessories, which keep on evolving every year in terms of new design and graphics.

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Studds Ninja Helmet believes that our focus on style, design, quality as well as safety, makes us a lifestyle choice for our customers, and positions STUDDS and SMK as aspirational brands.

Studds Ninja Elite Black Helmet / C.Strip W.C.V(L)

Studds Ninja Helmet

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Product Description

Moveable chin guard with single button flip up mechanism.

Polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance properties.

Quick release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety.

Ventilation system for more comfort to the rider while driving. Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic.

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Regulated density eps concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.

Spare visors are available in clear, smoke tint, mirror, and rainbow options. Available in xs(540 mm), s(560 mm), m(570 mm), l (580 mm) and xl (600 mm) sizes.

Studds Ninja Abounding Face Helmet

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Don’t omit this double visor helmet from Studds. This double affectation helmet is purchasable in atramentous color and XL dimension.

Together with this, the offered product’s internal carapace is fabricated using elevated polystyrene.

Get this bifold visor helmet that’s accessible with silicon-lined polycarbonate affectation, which ensures its scratch resistance. additionally, this product is attainable with a brief unlock chinstrap apparatus that makes it effortless to put on and employ.

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Studds Launches ‘urban tremendous’ initiate-Face Helmet at an affordable price in Two measurement alternatives

Provided through News Studds Launches ‘urban tremendous’ start-Face Helmet at Rs, in Two measurement options.

Studds add-ons Ltd. has launched a new start-face helmet in India.

The enterprise claims that the helmet comes with UV-aggressive acrylic.

Which is geared toward expanding its sturdiness. other than that, the enterprise says that the helmet gets a hypoallergenic liner and a brief release button band.

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It is available in two simple sizes – colossal fifty-eight cm and further giant cm.

The helmet is available in eight different color alternatives – White with the atramentous band, Matt atramentous with atramentous strip, Gun gray Matt with a black strip, Gun grey with a black strip, cherry red with a black strip, atramentous with a black strip, flame dejected with black band and Matt dejected with the atramentous strip.

The Studds urban super gets consume vents too for enabling the flow of air in the course of the helmet and protecting the interior free of humidity.

The hypoallergic liner, nonetheless, protects the addition from allergies or infections bobbing up from continual acquaintance with clammy helmet liners due to extended riding or on scorching wet canicule.

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This is available in two simple sizes – colossal fifty-eight cm and further giant cm.

The ventilation system for more comfort to the rider while driving.

Get this bifold visor protective cap that is available with silicon-lined polycarbonate gesture, which guarantees its scratch opposition. furthermore, this item is achievable with a brief open chinstrap contraption that makes it easy to put on and utilize.

Other than that, the venture says that the head protector gets a hypoallergenic liner and a concise delivery button band.

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  • High Quality
  • Brand: Studds
  • Moveable Chin Guard With Single Button Flip Up Mechanism.
  • Size: Large
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