November 22, 2020

The Best Helmet, Vega Crux Flip up Helmet (Black, M)

Product description of Vega Crux flip up helmet

Vega Crux Flip Up Option Leather Finish Touch Off-Road Look Easy Fit Easy Visor Fitting Smooth Function For Flip Up Action Good Ventilation Use Press Button For Open And Close. Good Quality Helmet. Comfort.

The information in red is very important

Removable and washable lining It is also odor resistant helping the helmet stay fresher, and longer in between cleanings Removable and replaceable with optional pads of various thicknesses for a more custom fit.

Extremely Comfortable to Wear

This uniquely designed helmet is built to withstand hard impacts, giving you complete peace of mind while wearing it.

Its padding gives you ultimate comfort while riding. Weighing 1.5 kgs, this helmet is moderately lightweight, making it an ideal choice for long-distance riding.

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Meets All Safety Standards

Made using materials that can withstand rough impact, this helmet is ISI-approved, making it a high-quality product. The tough build of this helmet makes it one of the most sought-after protective gear.

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, M)

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

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Easy to Wear

Providing ultimate convenience, this helmet includes a button to flip the bottom.

This helps in short-distance riding as it protects your head while allowing ventilation.

Super Sturdy and Durable Body

With a perfect fit and matte finish, this helmet has a stylish and classy design.

With a snug fit, you are ensured utmost safety. Featuring an outer carbon shell structure, you can rely on this durable helmet for your everyday safety while riding.

Ideal for Daily Use

As this helmet is extremely comfortable, daily two-wheeler commuters will find it easy to use it daily.

It is well ventilated while giving your head protection from accidental injuries.

About this item

  • Leather finish touch; Weight:1100±50 gms
  • Off-road look; Shell: High Impact ABS Material Shell; Aerodynamic Shape; Visor: Scratch resistant & UV resistant. Visor in optical polycarbonate
  • Easy fitting visor with good ventilation
  • Use press button for smooth function of flip up action
  • All helmets feel tight at first to meet safety requirements and foam takes time to adjust according to head size.
  • Size: Small (55- 56cm), Medium(56- 58cm), Large(58- 59 cm), Extra Large(59- 60cm) 

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