November 22, 2020

Steelbird India Helmet Cyborg Double Visor Full Face Helmet, Inner Smoke Sun Shield and Outer Clear Visor

Steelbird Off highway Motocross Helmet

Steelbird India helmet purchase this wonderful double visor motocross helmet from Steelbird India.

The information in red is very important

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High Quality

This double affectation helmet comes in matt pink colour and is designed using the top class brand ABS fabric.

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Which ensures its excessive have an effect on attrition.

The offered art effects is attainable with a brief un-encumber micro-metric catch and bi-fold visors. in addition, this bi-fold affectation helmet is purchasable in the different dimension and weighs around .

Steelbird India adds another new helmet to its calendar

Steelbird India offers a wide range of helmets in India and now it s adding the SB- Rox with sun defend to it.

The Steelbird India has launched yet another new helmet in form of the “SB- Rox with solar shield.”

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The largest USP of this abounding-face helmet in accordance with the business is that it is the best reasonable helmet with solar shelter. The helmet conforms to the ISI requisites and will meet the eu standards.

This helmet comes with a sun shield which is a beam and the rider can journey without problems devoid of the glares of the solar rays distracting the addition.

Steelbird India Helmet Cyborg Double Visor Full Face Helmet, Inner Smoke Sun Shield and Outer Clear Visor

Steelbird India Helmet

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SB- Rox with solar defend is purchasable in non-painted three colorations alternatives that are crimson, white and black and the finish of these floor finish helmets are of carbon fiber.

Moreover various appearance and matt colours are also attainable. moreover, one could also have decals on the helmet.

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This helmet is accessible in two sizes i.e. mm enormous and mm medium. the brand new mannequin is priced from Rs , and is on auction now.

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Steelbird India Hi-Tech India Ltd.

  • A flagship company of Steelbird India Group of Industries, ventured into the unknown territory of auto accessory business to Build Helmets.
  • Steelbird India opens a new arena of Motorsports for youngsters and riding enthusiasts.
  • Inner Smoke Sun Shield and Outer Clear Visor
  • High Impact ABS
  • ISI Certified
  • Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle

Top-rated bike helmets for protection and luxury

nothing compares to the pleasure of using. That feeling of abandon on an begin, infinite road is fully desirable. It can be harmful and animating which is why it s vital to have the proper helmet to make sure your defense.

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It’s nice to acquire journeys and explore your adventuresome aspect provided that you have your whole safety measures in region.

We carry you a listing of the helmets which are long lasting, strong and resplendent.

BDFEUQ Vega crux cast-up Helmet This relied on company has the market’s loyalty for the entire right motives making it amazon’s option as smartly. With its pleasing leather conclude touch and high impact carapace, this helmet is alluring to examine as well as airy. The affectation is optical polycarbonate authoritative it shatter-affidavit, influence-aggressive and giving the rider one hundred% UV insurance policy. it is additionally easy-becoming and smartly-ventilated authoritative it a snug experience for the addition. leather finish touch, athletic and UV aggressive, this helmet is a good selection for riders. BWUYOM Dass Getz ISI commence Face Helmet This helmet is amazon’s choice to your typical trip to assignment. it is easy in weight, scratch aggressive and has a clear visor. The adjustable straps and two vents accomplish it a cushty put on for the addition. there s a layer of expanded polystyrene in the internal shell including to your consolation degree. The helmet material is of first rate polycarbonate, so that you can be relaxation certain that it is sturdy and protected. The influence reducing foam and dual vent equipment makes this helmet relaxed and airy. BNQRQXI Studds Marshall open Face Helmet regularly occurring for the consolation it gives, the Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL initiate Face Helmet is a different time-honored among riders. The regulated density EPS concussion padding is lined with specially handled anti-allergic velveteen enabling the rider to effectively trip long distances without being concerned about any sweat allergy symptoms. Studds Marshall’s intellectual engineering thermoplastic gives scratch attrition and insurance plan from excessive influences. developed to preserve excessive affects, here is an ISI authorized helmet. It has anti-allergic added and a blemish aggressive visor. BAUODH Steelbird India SBA- rushing black with plain affectation similar to its name, the Steelbird India is powerful and lengthy-lasting. It has a detachable and washable interior, anything that isn’t ordinary in helmets.

The Italian architecture, and lines meeting European first-class makes it one of a sort and enormously well-known. finally, another unique selling aspect of the Steelbird India is its advanced air flow equipment that makes it possible for air consumption in the aboveboard and properly enviornment, as well as in the chin defend. If that’s no longer satisfactory, there are two rear extractors recycling the air inside the helmet. spectacular architecture and great requisites. It has a blemish resistant affectation and an innovative air flow device. BSKQRHR aristocratic Enfield start Face Helmet when it involves aristocratic Enfield, there’s hardly ever a agnosticism regarding its pleasant. This amazon’s alternative helmet is stylish with a old look just like its bikes. Don’t be fooled by way of its appealing appears, the excellent and vigour of this helmet will also offer you a run in your funds. The affectation is UV blanketed and blemish resistant accouterment to the safety of the rider, and there’s a polyester and EPS comfort liner making it comfortable too. This antique helmet is blemish resistant, effective and is derived with an adjustable lock system chin strap.


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