March 28, 2022

The Best Skateboard With My Personal Experience, Expert Skater

The time you enjoyed on skateboard is the only time you have lived your life.

The skateboard is not just a strong wooden piece with wheels, but a beautiful design by the smart study of riding with comfort, using this we can feel the skiing experience on any plane and enjoy the pleasant thrilling experience, which everyone loves it.

Give a boost to your thrilling needs and experience the pleasure without wasting time, fly now and enjoy!

Smart people always put in less effort and get more benefits, and here we try to explain how to take advantage of the best methods used in skateboarding.

The words in red are very important, at the bottom you can learn how to learn skate techniques.

My Experience

When I visited the US I saw that many kids are using this skate, I just took a seat and just watched for a couple of hours, I feel I should also play this game, but because of my age I thought if I use it then if I fall then it will be difficult for a person of my age to get cured my bones,

But one of the boys approached me and started talking in a very different type of English, he said hi man do you like to fly just like me I said no thanks, I asked him where are you from then he said I am from Saudi Arabia, then I understand this is the reason his English speaking is a bit different.

Anyway, immediately I decided as I reach India the first thing I will do is I will buy one skateboard from Amazon.

Then after reaching India I did the same thing I just searched which one is the best, I saw many brands but I just read some reviews and found this is the best skateboard, and I just press the buy button, and luckily the very next day I received, the pricing is very reasonable and I can say it’s very low price.

  • The best skateboard wheels? Skate wheels are arguably the most important part of the skate and largely dictate skate performance.
  • The vast majority of skateboarders choose a deck based on the graphic and the overall look of the board. The best choice is the one I referred to.
  • What is the best skate wood? The answer is probably what type of skating you’re looking to do, and necessarily specific brands. The one I referred

The Best Brand

Then I just check on google the branding, and I found that this is the best brand for skate in India, I felt again I am very lucky.

Just to know the quality I just tap with my key and I can listen to the sound ding, then I realize that this is the sound of strong wood, finally, I gave it to my daughter, she is so smart within a couple of hours she is expert, even though she fell for several times without any injury thank god.

I strongly recommend this product with my own experience.

Fly now and enjoy!

Want to see it enlarged?

The Best Skateboard With My Personal Experience

VAGHASIYA SALES ® Portable Skateboard, Wheels Skate Boards, Mini Cruiser Skateboard, Beginners Long Board, for Kids/Adults

Buy Now On Amazon

<spanclass=”a-size-large product-title-word-break”>Portable Skateboard, Wheels Skate Boards, Mini Cruiser Skateboard, Beginners Long Board, for Kids/Adults

1.No assembly is needed as it comes complete, ready to go right out of the box and hit the streets or parks.

2.Skateboards deck 23”x 6” use the 9 layers plywood , max load is 220lbs(100kg).Suitable for all-level riders with different riding styles.

3. Skateboard comes with high-quality, tear-resistant fiber wheels that reduce bumping and create a comfortable and safe riding experience.

4. It’s built with a compact and strong body, designed to be fun to ride, and lightweight to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere.

5. Best gift for your kids and friends.

Learn Skateboard With Easy Formula, A new skate of mind, From an Expert Skater 

  • Passion to learn
  • Focus on people who use skateboards with concentration
  • Try to just imitate the same
  • Your self-confidence toward learning
  • Keep the fear at bay, and say I can do it 10 times which makes you psychological strong
  • Break down the steps into parts and learn step by step
  • It’s very simple and easy if you have a high level of self-confidence
  • Practice makes you perfect it’s so simple

This is wrong to say “Skateboarding needs a lot of practice to gain the best skills to be successful” it’s just simple and easy folks, just say this now, All Day Fun With Skate, born to skate, come to sakte and have fun, do more and more what make you happy, use tricks in skate, just grip it and rip it, this is my passion I live to ride and ride to live this is the real fun, spinning is just fun, repeat saying all this which will magnify your skills and you will enjoy a lot in skating.

The quality of bearing of a skateboard is having the highest impact on the quality of the product

We all know that the highest impact of the skater is on the wheels, the quality of of the bearing is very important, if they are made of low-quality metal then how it will withstand the weight of the skater and the friction and the wear and tear,

If the quality of the skate is low then the first thing which will get spoiled is the bearing and they will start changing the shape, and a very small fraction of the change in the bearing bolls will have a very high impact, at first the speed can’t be maintained, the second thing is sudden tracking of movement of the skateboard, will put the skater at highest risk, just imagine if someone just sudden stops on the road, then it will be life-threatening.

And hence the best-branded skateboard will give you safety and durability, so we must buy the best quality skateboard. The bearing should be made of high carbon steel, which will be strong and can withstand the heat generated and the weight-bearing and shocks bearing product.

 The second very important point is that the impact between wheels and the earth, either it may be cement road or tar road, the friction will make the wheel wear and tear, which will be again unwanted and undesirable, the best quality product will have to be made up of best material, to withstand the friction heat and compatible on all weather conditions.  

The desirable skateboarding ground

If you want to enjoy skating you must prefer to visit a pre-designed skating playground, In India, there are plenty of such beautiful skating playgrounds, you can easily find out by just typing, skating playground near me.

The layout of skating playgrounds are normally designed according to the taste of some private players, with intention of giving fun at a cost, I always love these type of private players, and some skate sellers have started winning skating playgrounds.

If the grounds are made of cement concrete these playgrounds’layground’slaygrounds’laygrounds grounds are best with some curves so that the pro skaters can enjoy the most.

The grounds are also made designed to give a push to the thrill by giving the skaters the best-enjoying jumps, keeping in mind the proper safety points.

No wonder skateboard is one of the most popular things in the world and you can take it anywhere and everywhere. I have never heard of people who don’t like skateboarding!

Skateboarding is addictive. It’s thrilling, exciting, and liberating. It can also be dangerous. Proceed with caution!

Readers would like to know more before purchasing one that they’ll be spending a lot of time with. Hence, here are the top skateboards for beginners and for beginners who like to go for a smooth ride.

Ever wondered what is the best skateboard for you? Here is a detailed review of the best skateboard that I have.

People ask me many questions about skateboarding, I like to reply one by one every day.

Q> Is it necessary to have a branded skateboard?

A> Yes it will be better if you take the best-branded skateboard because it will be designed with precision which can give the best results.  

Q> Why do we have to take the best brand skateboard?

A> If you want to give the best performance, then you need the best skateboard.

Q> How do you know the product you have shown is the best?

A> I am a trainer and many people take training at my specially made skate ground, and I have seen many brands and used them too, but the product I have shown above is the best one I have concluded.

Q> Any relationship between skateboard tricks and the best quality skateboard?

A> Exactly there is a direct relationship, if you have the best quality product then you can trust that the quality of product will give skid-free, long life, low wear, and tear, and you will be confident that you are safe under the best-branded product, confidence will have a direct relationship between you and your performance.

Q> Why they are called strong skateboards?

A> The best quality wood and the wheels make the product the best in the market and this is a very famous brand.

Q > Why do you say friction between road and wheels should be more?

A> Yes, I said friction between road and wheels should be more because just imagine if the friction is less between wheels and road then you can’t move, even you may fall because of skid or slip, the friction will keep your hold and keep you moving.

Q > Then why do you say friction between wheels and shaft should be minimum?

A > The reason is friction will create heat and which is always undesirable and unwanted, and friction will lead to wear and tear.

Q> For skateboard tricks what do we need?

A > We need a perfect design, the best quality, and the best brand product.

Q> The best practice for speed skating using a skateboard?

A> The best practice is we have to increase the speed of the skateboard gradually because we all know that initial torque on the wheels will be more if we try to rush then the problems arise.

Q > Precautions for tricks

A > Wearing the best quality protective gears can save you to some extent


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” The best skateboard reamains always the best ”

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