November 21, 2020

Hero Cycles Limited Superboy 20 T BMX Cycle (Single Speed, Black, Green) for Age 5 to 11 Years

My Real Story Of Hero Cycle

When I secured highest marks in my 2nd standard my father was very happy and promised me he will get a brand new Hero cycle.

The information in red are very important

I do remember the same name of the cycle, that time only two brands in the market, but my father preferred Hero cycle the reason that time I never know but now I come to know this brand Hero Cycle is for the best strength.

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I can uphold this name because that cycle is still I have, you can imagine now this cycle is used by me then my younger brother.

Then my neighbors used and the neighbors boys where very naughty they through the cycle many times but still the cycle is alive, when I watch this cycle my childhood comes in my flash back.

Why Hero?

The most enjoyable days I can proudly say that ” the days of my life enjoying riding cycle” and the most remember thing in my life is I learn riding the cycle is Hero.

The beauty of Hero Cycle is it’s strength, it’s look, and due to the best brand in the market all the parts are available, just at a walk able distance.

I do remember once due to rough use of my cycle the rim get damaged but for my surprise, I got it in just a near by shop.

I consider the real value of Hero due to it’s strength and durable, and once we by this we will starting to love the ride, and it remains a most unforgettable joy of life.

Best brand always give the best results, the oldest in the market which means they give quality product.

HERO CYCLES LIMITED Superboy 20 T BMX Cycle (Single Speed, Black, Green) for Age 5 to 11 Years

Product description

Age Group: 6 TO – 10 Years Ideal For: Boys, Girls Gear: Single Speed| Gear Type: Non Geared Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake Frame Material: Steel Cycle/Mild steel Cycle Suspension: Rigid Tire Size: 20 inches | Frame Size:13.5 inch. 

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