November 21, 2020

Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike (Ideal For 12+ Years )

Hero Next 26T 18 Speed Sprint Cycle – Red & Black

Hero Sprint Next 26T is an elegantly crafted mountain bicycle for men. It features an 18” steel suspension frame and is ideal for cyclists with a height between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. Popular Shimano shifters and derailleurs power with this 6-speed cycle.

This MTB comes fully loaded with Mudguard, Stand, Front Reflectors, and Rear Reflectors and is ideal for off-track riding.

The information in red is very important

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A mudguard prevents mud from dirtying your socks and shoes during rainy weather.

A chain cover keeps mud off the chain region of this cycle.


This bike has a sturdy steel frame suspension frame that weighs only 4.5 Kg. It also has a Suspension fork that ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road.


About this item

  • The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled). The customer needs to assemble it before use.
  • Tire size: 26 inches | Frame Size: 18 inches
  • Ideal For 12+ Years | Min Rider Height 5 ft 4 inches | Max Rider Height:5 ft 10 inch
  • Front Brake: Caliper Brakes | Rear Brake: Caliper Brakes
  • Gear: 18 Speed
  • Frame Material: Steel | Suspension: Rigid
  • In Box Content: Allen Key & Spanner: No| Mudguard: Yes| Stand: Yes| Trainer Wheel: No| Carrier: No| Front Reflectors/Rear Reflectors : Yes| Chain Cover: No| Lock: No| Horn/Bell: No

I bought this bike for my son who is in 7th standard, it has become havoc due to  covid19, and I can’t take the risk of sending my son to school, on the school bus and taking risk of covid.

Well, I just read in several reviews that the best cycle for my son will be Hero Sprint, the beauty of this cycle is the strong shock absorbed mounted in the middle of the cycle.

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When it comes to buying cycles for our kids we normally need the following points to be observed, 1st thing comes the comfort, and the best comfort you can find in the Hero Sprint.

And after comfort, the next point that comes to mind is the safety of the rider because we are giving these cycles to our most beloved son or daughter, and we never compromise with safety, many companies claim the safe ride on the cycles of different brands but for me, Hero Sprint is the best I never go in details of other products.

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The next point comes with the look, the look of the cycle matters more to my son than me because he knows the latest trend and he too never compromises with the look.

Next comes the quality, here no one knows better than me because for 30 years I know Hero Cycle, I got my best gift from my father Hero cycle when I completed my 9th standard, and for going to tuition my father gave me Hero cycle.

I do still remember I use to love Hero cycle and every day I use to wash, and oil the chain.

Once my father saw me and explained do not oil every day you can oil the chain once a week since then I use to oil the cycle whenever my father is not near and whenever he asked me I use to say a big lie that I am oiling the cycle once a week, but for my surprise, my father knows my lie and he uses to smile differently.

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Well, the main focus is my Hero Cycle since then I am in love with Hero brand cycles.

All the above are the pro of Hero sprint and the biggest con is once we buy the Hero brand cycle we will be addicted to the brand.

One thing very important point is the cycle is very tough, and best for the Indian roads.

The summer season and constrained inventory ranges suggest that there aren t as many discounts or products to move around, but now we have managed to uncover some exquisite deals on the steadiness Hero Sprint cycle throughout to in-wheel children Hero Sprint cycle, just in time for Christmas.

For price range-aware parents, it s critical to steer clear of overspending on the optimum children’s Hero Sprint cycle, exceptionally in view that your baby will likely accept an increased spurt shortly after getting it. luckily, there nonetheless are a couple of children’s bike offers purchasable right now.

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So with festival season quickly approaching, when you are considering picking out a brand new bike for your child, the time to act is now in case you wish to evade disappointment. marketers, suppliers, and now even the couriers are struggling to keep up with demand, and we do assign a guess that any ultimate inventory will promote out rapidly in the run-up to the massive day.

This kids abundance wheeled vehicle is a simple single-speed choice with 18 inch wheel, advised for actuality a whole lot adjustable and simple to experience.

At 20 kgs, it s no longer going to hold any easy climbs, but you can put flip your nostril up at a some percentage saving appearance accord.

This bike is rarely discounted, but the cash price is not omitted. The aluminum frame means this wheeled vehicle is lightweight, stabilizers are included and the decal pack means your mini shredder can personalize their experience appearance in accord

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The habrid quality of youngsters bicycle at your little rider can afford the working towards auto balance bicycle to at least one with pedals, this is a great alteration into a big-child bike.

The appropriate tube is low-slung to cut back the standover height for effortless mounting and accession, and the brakes are advised around small palms easy to oprate.

Your boy or girl is likely too young to admire the technology aspects, so when it comes to festivals, invest in whatever that will both make them smile and last a long time. in case your baby is drawn to all things red and angel-y, then their face will ease up back to apple red  this under the appearance accord.

A stability bikes can be outstandingly low-priced, becasue of this the discounted it by huge percentage.

The seat and handlebar heights are adjustable and there are eight distinct shades to choose from appearance deal.

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Hero Sprint cycle turned into primary, single-tube stability wheeled vehicle body it is advised to be least expensive and simple to use.

Hero is  well-recognized manufacturer in this sphere, and or not it’s certainly one to believe. presently all colorations are back ordered aside from the purple appearance deal.

If your child is taller than their kindergarten classmates and nonetheless enjoying the steadiness-bike lifestyle, then this may well be the perfect solution.

The handlebar attain and saddle top can also be adjusted to move with your baby, and foot pegs are outfitted to allow for maximum enjoyment. View deal.

Available in crimson grapefruit or spring green, the Hero rolls on wheels and has a recommended addition weight of below weight.

The minimum stand-over height is in when the bench is in its lowest place, and the bicycle comes with a sticky label backpack so your mini-shredder can completely personalize their journey pearance accord.

The Hero cycle steadiness bicycle which will rise to the beating it s prone to receive. Its aluminum body is no longer the handiest helps it continue to be lightweight, however, it also keeps the blight at bay.

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Balance wheeled vehicles would be outstandingly affordable, 

Expert kids mountain bike at Cycle store the expert a severely cool steadiness wheeled vehicle on the way to kickstart their fat-tire obsession early, thanks to its airless tires.

The step-through body makes it easy for your little boy to footfall over and arises the mountain bike, and frames are nonetheless attainable in red and dejected view accord

If you’re nonetheless looking for deals, we might not simply leave you placing. instead, we’re satisfied to provide you with the equipment to assist you to discover your own.

Not each of right here dealers sells kids Hero Sprint cycle, but they all accept an affiliation to biking in some regard, no matter if it is add-ons, clothing, or tech.

Competitive bicycle owner is commonly the primary vicinity we search for deals. there may be not an incredible alternative of youngsters mountain bike deals at the moment, however, we expect that’ll change continuously.

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Backcountry, an Indian outside sports retailer, is, without doubt, one of the Indian go-to online marketers for two-wheeled tech. 

Frequently have a big number of children Hero Sprint cycle attainable, but among the many few that do function, there are often fantastic deals purchasable.

Hero Sprint cycle has various road, gravel, and mountain Hero Sprint cycle on offer, including several Hero Sprint cycles from three, bearish and large.

Without a doubt one of the biggest retailers of youngsters Hero Sprint cycle within the reach. it is often dedicated to the price range end of the spectrum, so even devoid of a reduction, there s commonly a finances kids bike to be had.

Worlds greatest online biking shops, offering over international locations with its latitude of youngsters mountain bike deals.

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Chain reaction Cycles are endemic by means of selling, and hence share many of the same cycling offers, as well as world viewers.

Hero Cycles is, without doubt, one of the oldest biking dealers on this planet, and is an Indian business that functions the world by way of its online shop.

For even more offers, try our Hero Cycles deals.

Hero Cycles is more Indian-focused, however, there is nevertheless some notable deals value checking out.

Hero Cycles is a banker primarily based within India and frequently discounts street and gravel Hero Sprint cycle.

Cycle store, one of India’s bottom-widely used retailers, often has specialized items at the highest quality purchasable expense.

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