June 28, 2021

Bicycle Tyre, Which Tyre is Best For My Bicycle?

RALSON Made in India, Nylon ACER Aviator Bicycle Tyre

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The simple and best answer for this question is that, if you are changing single tyre then the same tyre which you have replaced now, but keep in mind some of very important points, if you are planning to change a single tyre of you bicycle then make sure that the new tyre should be fixed on the rear rim, the ribs, grooves,tread blocks and spice should be same with the one you have on the front end of your bicycle, reason I will explain you in details here.

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First you should know what are the ribs, grooves, tread blocks and spice.

Ribs of tyre – Ribs of tyres are the pattern of tread arranged with tread blocks

Grooves – Grooves are the deep line like chennal arranged around the circumference in the form of laterally arranged.

Tread blocks – Tread blocks are the rubber blocks arranged in a pattern form which has the direct contact with the road, they come in different shapes and designs and acts as a driving factor in short we can say an impact on the ground and most of the power is applied on this to move on, in short power transmission medium.

Spice – Spice are small slots arranged on the Tread blocks, and they really add resistance between road and the bicycle.

bicycle tyre infographic

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Now let me tell you some beautiful facts if you apply power on the paddle whichever form it may be either muscular power of any form of power to drive the bicycle then this power is transmitted through the chain to the gear then from gear to the wheel then this will be on the tyre now if you don’t have proper tread blocks on your bicycle then there will be a considerable power transmission loss will be taking place which is undesirable and unwanted hence we must find our bicycle is having proper tread blocks or not.

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Now another part of the bicycle tyre is that types of tyres some are soft and some are hard, and called normal soft and nylon tyres.

Soft tyre will give you more comfortable ride but they will not long last, but nylon tyres normally last long but nylon tyres are camparitively heaviour than normal soft tyres.

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Weight of bicycle is directly proportional to the efforts we apply to move and inversely proportional to the life of the tyre.

Hence I refer the nylon tyre for every bicycle. In simple words if the weight of the tyre is little more also please opt for this, because they last long.

Always make your own decision, never depend on the shop keeper he will be keen to make profit from you, keep in mind this point it will be useful in your life.


Bicycle Tyre, Which Tyre is Best For My Bicycle?

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