April 14, 2021

DROOPY Kid 7 to 10 Year Cycle, Smart Buying 9 Features

You should know following points before buying this bicycle, 7 to 10 years.

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  1. Because of very low price and best quality this cycle is selling like hot cake, the price is very affordable and good for giving gifts.
  2. Let your children go to school on cycle better than shared transport in this pandemic covid waves.
  3. This bicycle is unisex and good for both boys and girls
  4. This bicycle is made for the children age group of between 7 years to 10 years cycle
  5. This bicycle is very strong
  6. This bicycle comes with attractive colors
  7. The price is affordable to each pocket
  8. This bicycle comes with single gear, and can be used for normal planes
  9. Brakes are caliper
  10. Weight is also not very heavy only 13 kg
  11. Brand Droopy
  12. Indigenous Punjab
  13. The beauty of cycle speaks here
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DROOPY 7 to 10 Year cycle are known for their smart look and robust build. Building affordable and durable bikes is one of the key ideas of the brand. A wide choice of cycles are produced every year and sought by many people across the country.

DROOPY Kid 7 to 10 Year Cycle (Black and Orange)

DROOPY Kid 7 to 10 Year Cycle (Black and Orange)

What makes this cycle special?

  1. Affordable price
  2. Very strong
  3. Durable
  4. Beautiful design
  5. Easy to handle by 7 to 10 year kids
  6. Smooth in movement
  7. Easy to carry
  8. Very famous brand
  9. Indigenous Punjab
  10. Kids of age 7 to 10 years love this cycle

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Wheel Size20 Inches
Brake TypeCaliper

About this item

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  • Material: Steel
  • Unisex bike best suited for boys and girls
  • Wheel Size: 20 inches; Rim Width: 1.75 inches
  • Assembly Required?: Yes; Are Tires Tubeless?: No; Bike Type: BMX Freestyle
  • 20 Inches Bicycle Size, Suitable for (Ages 7 Years – 10 Years) & (Height 3.6 Feet – 4.6 Feet)
  • Very impressive look
  • Color combination is just unique
  • Carefully studied and as per the 7 to 10 year kid can carry the weight this cycle is designed.
  • The modern technology of the frame makes the cycle out standing in the crowd.


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