March 7, 2021

Convert Any Non Gear Normal Cycle To Best Convert Electric Cycle

Convert Electric Cycle Geekay 24 Volt 250 Watt Electric Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit for Cycle

This idea of converting the electric cycle from any non-gear normal cycle comes to every person’s brain but only some genius, people take this idea into action, and those people who have the fire of thoughts in the direction of innovative ideas will take things into action but many people will not get the opportunity to convert any non-gear normal cycle into electric cycle but we are giving you the product in the form of fuel to your burning idea of converting any non-gear normal cycle into the electric cycle.

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  • Convert Electric Cycle Any Non-Gear NORMAL Cycle into Electric Cycle with Geekay Kit (DON’T USE IN GEAR CYCLE )
  • Use 24 V Lithium Ion 7.5 Ah or 12 v 12 Ah (2 PCS) Lead Acid Battery with Cycle Conversion Kit.
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  • Water Proof, Copper Winding, Heavy Duty Load Motor, Top Speed 25 Km\Hr
  • Motor Power: 24 V Output Power: 250 W Rated Speed: 3300/Min Controller Power: DC 24 V 250 W
  • Package Contains: Cycle Motor Kit, 2 Tube 24 v 250 Watt Controller, Chain, Wire Set, Horn Button Throttle Set, LED Light with Key Lock Battery Indication, 36 Hole Double Thread Hub, Brake Lever with Auto Cut Off, 8 Magnet Pedal

Description Of Kit

Convert Any Non Gear Normal Cycle into Electric Cycle

Convert Any Non-Gear Normal Cycle into Electric Cycle

Want to transform your existing bicycle just by spending a quarter the amount you have to pay for a brand new e-bike?

3 reasons you buy this convert the normal cycle to gear cycle

  1. Easy to install
  2. Get knowledge of the electricity, why we use 1 st electric cycle and other e-bikes.
  3. Make life easy

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This advanced and highest power/torque performing 250-watt PMDC (permanent Magnet dc motor) with the side motor kit and related peripherals will help you build a true electric engine within a few minutes.

This kit comes with a powerful motor and accessories like a double threaded hub, freewheel, copper motor binding, 8 Magnet Pedal Assist Sensor, and many more.

Make your biking experience most exciting with this best electric bike conversion kit. Motor 24V 250W High power DC Motor Controller24V 2T Taiwan MOS for optimal long duration riding experience-(won’t heat up) Pedal Assist* High Power pedal assist makes you ride with ease Light.

Attractive high-quality LED light with Battery Indicator and Loud Horn Grip Alloy Grip with full throttle and horn buttons Wires Copper wire set with plug n play connections for easy installation Brake LeversAuto cutoff brake levers to stop motor power when engaged to prevent any accident Hub.

Specially designed two-side threaded hub for easy installation without any welding required Chain High-quality motor Chain ensures trouble-free riding experience Freewheel Special Left threaded 18T freewheel with full balls.

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