December 7, 2022

Cycle Insurance, Yes Strange Things About Cycle Insurance

Why We Feel Cycle Insurance is Strange? Yes It Is Important!

Nothing strange about cycle insurance, but in India, many individuals don’t ever hear about cycle insurance, it is not the mistake of people but it is the mistake of insurance companies, they could not bring awareness of insuring things.

If we just turn around and watch the world, many individuals have taken insurance policies for strange things such as body parts, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have confidence in the body parts, but individuals need peace of mind with respect to the things they love most.

In the same way, if we love our bikes then we must make insurance of that, the best slogan for this is ” Expression of love is protection, safety, and security ” whichever may be the bike, even if it can be a simple cycle or a costly cycle, if we love this then we have to give the best protection.

Selecting the best insurance provider is easy and simple, we have many apps and take the best action.

I will tell you why I feel strange

I have Hero Lectro cycle, many people advoice me to take a insurance, at first I fear that why people are tell me like this, in my first thought was that insurance means I am going to die soon, then I just started searching information on google search, I just found amazing results, then I come to know that insurance dos’nt mean a death of person or thing, it is about making protection of something we really love.

And hence I made the slogan ” Expression of love is protection, safety, and security ” and now this slogan has become famous on #slogan now after this I feel proved I have the correct decision because I love my cycle, and hence insurance is important.

Cycle Insurance, Yes Strange Things About Cycle Insurance

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I love this bicycle so I love to insure it is nothing but protection, safety and security,

Never ever compramise with quality

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