November 29, 2022

Exact Price of Electric Cycle

You should know the exact price of electric cycle in India before buying

We will tell you the exact price of electric cycle in India, usually the price varies according to the brand, quality and total materials used in the electric bicycle, the main price difference comes with the battery.

Again the price of the battery depends on the brand, quality and material used in it, again the material used in the battery is a factor that affects the life of the battery, charging time, usage time and wattage, some people get confused and if the weight of the battery is more then the price should be more but that is not the case, it is the quality of the material used. Depends.

The best advantage of online buying is we can use coupon code — coupon code —- and enjoying the beauty of online buying.

The calculation is this type of branding cost + quality + type of material + amount of material + durability + design appearance + cycle size.

Branding plays an important role, we think they are charging more because of brand but it is not exactly like that but, better brand then better quality + fitness test done and better branded companies spend more. Testing time and more engineering time is spent and more labor time is consumed so the better brands cost a little extra compared to the foot path brands.

Now according to our research the best brand with best price electric cycle and best quality is Hero Lectro, this brand has maintained the best quality without increasing the price, with the aim of making every pocket friendly.

This is the Hero lectro best price

Exact Price of Electric CycleBuy Now On Amazon

Hero lectro comes with a option of no cost EMI, which makes buyers an easy option to buy and pay the amount in parts if a person earns twenty five thound a month then for him it becomes easy to buy Hero lectro with just spending small parts of the payment and every month the amount of transportation spent can be used to pay the EMI and after some days the cycle will be his own.

This shows the good will of the Hero lectro company, they are making the life easy, by giving the options of EMI.

Now let us know some details which are always displayed with each ads of this cycle,

Powerful Rear Hub Motor : High Torque 250W BLDC, enough to power your daily commute. Robust and Silent with 2 years warranty.

IP67 certified Integrated Battery : Lithium Ion with 5.8 Ah capacity. Best in segment water and dust resistance with 2 years warranty
Mobile App and RFID Lock : Track your Fitness on the move with our i-smart Ebikes; Distance covered, Calories burnt, Weather update, and much more. Integrated Lock with RFID key enables you to switch ON/OFF the motor ensuring extra security
Smart LED Display with 4 Riding Modes : Throttle (at 25 Kms/hr), Pedalec (upto 90% electric assist), Cruise (at 6 Km/Hr, battery powered) and Pedal mode. With smart LED controller, you can choose the riding mode according to your comfort
Safe and Sustainable : Sturdy and Agile 6061 Alloy frame, Anti Skid Pedals, Dual discs, 7 Speed Gear and 60mm travel Suspension ensures stability and control. 7 paise/Km travel cost and 0% carbon emission makes it the smartest commute choice for you.

Durablity always matters

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