November 24, 2022

Cycle On Rent or Buy A Cycle on EMI Which is Better?

Advatages of taking a cycle on rent and disadvantages

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  • Just today you plan for taking the cycle on rent and the very next day you can take it
  • You can select any brand and any make any color and if you don’t like the brand you can change it from next week
  • From any where you can take the cycle on rent, and use it as long as you want
  • If you are regular traveler to new big cities then you can use this option of taking the cycle on hire
  • If you are using only for couple of weeks or days then this option will prove to be worth and cheap
  • The costing is very cheap and very competative, just the plans starts between Rs 300 to 450 per week for best branded cycle.
  • The cycles will be well maintained to attract customers
  • There are many companies giving the cycle on rent, just like trin trin, cyclo pedia, senior cycle ect.
  • The beauty of these cycles are they are easily accessable from travelling points such as bus stands and railway stations, at just walkable distance.
  • Take the cycle on rent and easily move around the city without any problems, even if the city is having heavy traffic problems and traffic jam, still you can reach your distinations in proper time.
  • If we are hiring a cab or any other comute then if the traffic jam is troubling then you will get struck for hours, such as bangalore.
  • ¬†Easy to carry if road is having some problems
  • Easy accessable in many major cities of India

Disadvantages of cycle on rent

  • First time registration needs some documents which is a lengthy process
  • Some companies will have some hidden cost which they tell you when you return the cycle
  • You have to compramise with your personal data such as for address proof you will be giving them your personal documents, which sometimes can be problems later.
  • They take advance amount, and sometimes while they are returning they will diduct unreasonalble amount
  • Just imagine if you are travelling to Bangalore and take the cycle on rent, and at the time of returning your advance paid amount, if the player says come tommaro and collect then for migar amount of 1500 you have to stay in hotel, by paying 800 rupees, these type of issues are rear but they exist.
  • God forbid if some damage happen to the cycle then they will charge heavily and unreasonable amount
  • Time bound for taking the cycle and returning the cycle if you delay then you have to wait for next day

Advantages of buying a cycle

  • You will be the owner of cycle
  • You can buy the cycle on best EMI schemes, at the same cost as compare to the rent or even less than that of rent we are paying
  • Whenever we want to sell then we can do it on our own terms, we will not be slave to others terms and conditions
  • Fearless you can move anywhere
  • The fear of cycle on rent will be always in your back of the mind, that nothing should happen to the cycle otherwise I have to give heavy amount to the hire company.
  • For buying a new cycle or old one will be just on your finger tips, for new you can take it from amazon, for old cycle you can buy it from olx.
  • Less documentation when we are buying the cycle as compare to taking the cycle on hire
  • You will not have a time bound that you have to return the cycle before time
  • A different type of happiness you will have when you own a cycle or anything as compare to hiring them from others.
  • You can buy the cycle which your pocket allows
  • One time buying and life long use.
  • You can provedly carry the cycle to anyplace either by train or by bus to any city, you can bring back whenever you are returning.
  • There are unlimited advantages of buying a cycle
  • Cycle On Rent or Buy A Cycle on EMI Which is Better?

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Conflusion is that buying a cycle on EMI is better than taking it on other means, but depends upon the time period you take a cycle for ride.

Facsinate all.

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