November 12, 2022

The Best Disc Brake Cycle, Vs V Brake Cycle,

Techically Disc Brake and V Brake Have Same Function But They Make A Difference

Yes both disc brake cycle and v brake work on the principle of friction, to stop the cycle from moving ahead, here we have to know the friction coefficient.

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Coefficient of friction equation,

The frictional for static friction 

Fmax = 𝜇 Fn

Where Fmax = Friction Force (N, lb)

 𝜇 = static (𝜇 s) or Kinetic ( 𝜇 k ) friction coefficient

Fn apply for normal force (N, lb )

Now let us see the friction force for dynamic friction, this can be expressed as

When the object is pulled or pushed horizontally the normal force (N)  is the weight

N = mg 

Here m is for mass (kg, or other unit slugs )

Here g is for gravity ( 9.81 m/s squire, 32 ft/s squire )

Now the standard coefficient of friction for static is between steel is point 80 for dry and for wet point 16. The brake composite is point 40 for dry and for wet point 21

Advantages of disc brake

There are many advantages of disc brake, such as instant action, the material will be steel, and free from the worry about corrosion, looks very attractive and neat and clean, the bike will have a rich look, modern technology for cycle make it awesome, easy to use, just install and use it technology, optimum resistance between the steel and the disc, long lasting, will not make any sound, will not spoil the rim.

Advantages of V brake

Cheap in price, replacement will also be very cheap, found in every small shop, easy accessiblity, easy to install, resistance between rubber and any material will be highest as compare to any other material, very old technology still exist which shows the technology is long lasting, easy to fix it, will not make any sound untill it is not worn out.

Now for rubber coefficient of friction between rubber and steel is point 86 which is  highest.

The conclusion is the friction between rubber and steel is high, than compare to friction between steel composite,

But this is not the conclusion that v brakes are best but they are basically good, but the disc brake cycle are considered best if the disc brake is used in rear wheels, the advantages of disc brake is high because steel is used and corrosion will not take place, they are instent and for cycle only a limited force is applied and the force will be less and this will not make much difference to stop the cycle immediate.

If the same disc brake is used on the front wheel then this will be big problem, if we apply the disc brake on front wheel and if both the tires are not in a stright line then this may couse a big accedent, as per the law if the body is in motion it tends to be in motion untill a opposing force is applied, if we apply the front wheel then either the cycle will topple or your cycle will slip and in both the cases you will fall and may cause a serious injury.

Hence the best option is use the disc brake only on the rear wheel, when you apply the force to stop then you can stop immediatly and the cycle will be under your control.

Disadvantages of disc break

Comparing to v break the unit will be a bit costly, if owrn out then again we have to shell out for replacement, if used in the front wheel it will be dangrous, the instant action on front wheel will make the situation worse, if used in the rear wheel then it will be excellent.

Disadvantages of v brake

Even though the technology is very old but there is not much improvement, it will spoil the look of cycle, if worn out then it will distroy the rim of cycle and then it will be costly to replace the rim.

Final conclusion is that disc brak is the best for bicycle rear wheels.

Disc Brake Cycle, Vs V Brake Cycle, Which is Best

FASTPED MTB Folding Bike Bicycle Mechanical Disc Brake Cycling Front/Rear Calipers Bicycle Brake Disk

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Sturdy and durable.
Strong braking force.
This disc brake is suitable for most standard mountain bikes, road bikes, and folding bikes.
Simple design, easy to install on bicycle for disc brake cycle.

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Disc Brake Cycle, Vs V Brake Cycle, Which is Best?

Serveuttam V Brake Set for Cycle – Bicycle Linear Pull V Brake Set Front/Back | Arm 110mm Long Metal Lever Caliper Set (Black)


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Arm Length: 110mm
Coil springs design aims for rim brakes’ tension adjustment.
Two pairs of high-quality 55mm(Length) V brake pads come with the direct-pull cantilever Brakes set.
Serveuttam bike V brake arms
They are universal V-brakes compatible with both the front and rear wheels of MTB/BMX/mountain/road/folding/hybrid bikes, especially for most small wheel bicycles such as 24 inches or smaller. V brake cycle,

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