November 1, 2022

Bike Cost, and The Best Bike Under Budget,

The Cost of a Bike Depends Upon Many Factors,

First, we should know who decides the bike cost, every company is having a systematic arrangement of flow charts, and in this flow chart, a person will be taking care of the cost of the bike, and normally his designation will be estimating and costing.

This person will be having full knowledge of the material cost, manufacturing cost labor required, and the time spent on manufacturing, transportation, taxation, and the government policies, such as subsidies, and demand and supply in the market and the advertisements.

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The most important factor will be the brand and its value in the market, and they have to maintain a good name but not just a name but a good name, the good name is nothing but the goodwill of the customers.

The customers will observe how long this product is in the market and hence they have to sustain the name for a long time.

People generally think why this branded product is a bit costlier than others, the reason is the branded companies will have a very strict quality control system, and they will never disappoint the customer in this process the wastage will increase, the logic is very simple no one will do a business of loss, and hence the cost of some products will be a bit more than normal.

The low-cost products in the market are just due to some new companies that just pop up and they want to sell the product, they never give much importance to the quality or branding, they just like to dump the product in the market and they just want to make money in a short time and after some years they will not be existing.

Just because due to the dumping mentality the quality can’t be maintained, and complaints start coming and they can’t handle the situation and they will just vanish.

Hence I always advise people to focus on the best-branded product in the market, then buy a low-cost product from the market.

The Best Bike Cost,

The best bike under the budget and the best brand is here

Bike Cost, and The Best Bike Under Budget,

Marlin Bikes Aluminum-Alloy Fatbike Men’s Thor Cycle, 26×4.9 Inch (Thor Black/White)

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The beautiful features

  • Mountain Bike – The bike is real mountain bike
  • Age Range 16+ year- Beautifully design for teen and adults
  • Brand MARLIN – This brand is the best brand in the market
  • Number of speeds 7 – Made simple and have 7 speeds
  • Color black/white – Just simple black and white color
  • Wheel size 26 Inches – Yes the wheels will be 26 inches for optimum speed
  • Frame material Aluminum – Frame is made of aluminum which makes corrosion free and will be light in weight
  • Suspension Rigid – Strong and rigid suspension will make you feel flying
  • Distinctive feature Lightweight – Because of aluminum the weight is light.
  • Included Components Mudguards, instruction manual, kick stand, reflectors and tool kit
  • Size 26 inches x 4.9 inches – The size is studied as per required for 16 years old
  • Brake type Disc – Yes this make the bike super
  • Item Weight 20 Kilograms, style All season,
  • Material Composition Aluminum-Alloy
  • Country of origin India

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