September 16, 2022

Gear Cycle, Best Method To Improve Performance

Gear Cycle Skills And Techniques

For the gear cycle, it’s very important to know some skills, before that first we need the know the purpose of the gear cycle, whether it is for health, for commute, or both.

Again we need to know the area and planes, if the area is hilly then we need much better skills and techniques, and if the area is plane then it will be very simple to fulfill the purpose.

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Points in red are very important don’t ignore

Let us consider, that the area of the gear cycle used is hilly, then we need to know the skills of power transmission and gears, in the gear cycle we have two sets of gears one is front one and another is back gears. both these gears work in unison, which means they work in a synchronized manner.

Please note if I mention smaller gear then the gear size is small, and if I mention top gear then the set of gear is bigger.

Top gear is used when the cycle is moving with speed and is always used for increasing speed or to maintain high speed, the strength needed for this moving cycle with high speed just needs a small push, we all know the “Newtons Law of motion when the body in motion it tends to be in motion until an opposing force is applied”.

Here the opposing forces are gravity, friction, current of air, and the elevations, here we are just applying a small push needed to overcome these resisting powers only to maintain an optimum speed, and hence we need to use top gear, the strength needed will be less to maintain a constant speed of the cycle.

Shifting To Top Gear, Gear Wali Cycle

Shifting to top gear needs some skills this has to be done very carefully, till your body knows that when we have to shift the gear it just needs some experience and confidence.

But in the beginning, just take care when you feel that as we increase the bigger gear if the strength is not enough then just move till you feel that the strength applied is just more than needed then shift to next upper gear, then this will become a reflex action of your body and this will become a habit and you will be called a skilled person for using the gear cycle.

Sasti new wali cycle

Using Small Gear, Gear Bicycle

Small gears are used to move the cycle up hills or for exercise, the padelling will increase but the movement of the cycle will move slowly, this is just like a pully is used to lift a high weight, we can compare if the task is difficult we take small steps to overcome the difficulty just like that we will be moving slowly but using less strength but we are accomplishing the task. This is the beauty of gear bicycle.

In simple words small gear = more paddling less movement

Top gear = less paddling and more movement

A gear train for a bicycle is a unit fitted on the pedal and the back wheel shaft, normally people call it a gear set which is used for transmission of muscular power or the electric power source such as the power from an electric motor fitted to the cycle, whatever you can say but this is the unit which takes forward the power to achieve the linear motion of the cycle.

The purpose of a gear system or gear set or what we can call a gear train is to pass the power efficiently minimizing the power loss and torque.

We all know there will always be power loss but we have to minimize this power loss, the best quality of gear will minimize the temperature generated when the chain and the gear move, and the friction will create a temperature if we use the best design and best metal then we can overcome such undesirable conditions.

The place where the chain and the gear teeth mating should be very professionally designed this improves the overall efficiency.

Now modern designs have come up in the market called Shimano Deore which has an automatic system, the speed ratio depends upon the diameter ratio torque and power loss, and temperature, everything should be efficient.

Gear trains are multiple gears that transmit power. A gear train is a mechanical power transmission system where the gears are arranged in such a way that the teeth of the mating gears engage and each roll against each other on its pitch circle diameter.

The speed ratio and mechanical properties of mating gears are defined by the pitch circle

The reason for using a small gear, in the beginning, is that the initial torque will be high on the cycle and once it starts moving we will move slowly to the next gear, and gradually we can shift to the top gear, if we use top gear in the beginning then power will not be enough to overcome the initial torque, and some chances of damaging the gear are possible.

Hence for best practice, we have to use the small gear first and then as the speed picks up we can shift to step-by-step higher gears.  

Very important points to be noted concerning gear use, gear bike
  • Diameter ratio. or measurement proportion
  • Torque is transmitted or in simple words twist due to a couple of forces used for rotating shafts.
  • Working power or the efficient force used
  • Energy loss or loss due to opposing forces
  • Temperature rise due to friction and this is also a loss
  • Transfer efficiently
  • Elements help divide and distribute the energy source to drive several mechanisms, such as a motor that drives multiple conveyor gears.
  • To change the rotation speed or direction rotating angle
  • Reverse the direction of rotation from the concerning input force
  • Converts rotary motion into linear reciprocating motion
  • Types of Mechanical Power Transmission Components
  • Gear attached to the shafts and couplings
  • Power screws movements control
  • Gears and Gear Trains
  • Chains and Sprockets
The Best Gear Cycle
Gear Cycle, Best Method To Improve Performance

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Gear vs Non Gear Cycle

  • A gear cycle is good for high altitudes and planes
  • A non-geared bicycle is good for plane areas, also called a single gear bicycle
  • Gear cycling can save energy and effort if used properly
  • A non-gear cycle requires no gear knowledge
  • Gear shifting requires some knowledge of gears depending on gear cycle speed and timing, but now auto gear technology has made the process easier.
  • A non-geared bicycle does not require regular alignment
  • The gear cycle requires meaningful alignment of the gear shifting system
  • A nongear cycle can be used for optimum speed
  • A gear bicycle can be ridden at high speeds and used for racing
  • Non-gear bicycle is preferred by the older generation
  • Gear cycle is exciting and more attractive and loved by the younger generation
  • The non-gear cycle is very simple
  • The Gear cycle looks complex but if you know some basics then the gear cycle will be better than the nongear cycle

The cycling techniques can be developed either with studying about how to use or by experiance, but with experiance it takes long time to learn, but by studying you can learn fast, Only learning is not enough but you have to bring the knowledge in use.

Never change your focus from what you want and what are your needs.

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