June 4, 2022

Bike 24, Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

The best bike 24 inches, is trending under the age group of 9 to 11 years

Best features of bike 24 inches

The as the name suggest it’s size is 24 inches, but the most beautiful features of this bike is, 18 speed gears, specially design to suite the 9 to 11 years pre teen.

Accoding to scientific gernals of american magzin this age group boys and girls will have very high energy and but it has to be utilized properly, neither it has to be wasted in mobile games nor in lazy games, they have to sink this energy in a proper way, the bike 24 inches is the correct answer for these children.

They need a bike with steel body to withstand the energy, they should be allowed to assemble this 24 inches bike by themself they feel creativity, and they will have a feeling of accomplishment.

The bike is provided with 85% assembled, the rest 15% work can be easily done by the children, you just observe, how happy they will be when you allow them the do this creative work.

The work is not great but the enthosiasum and a feeling of accomplishment and the happiness they get out of this work is just great, which is just like giving them a hobby kit and telling them to enjoy.

Each time they ride the bike 24 inches they will remember that they only assembled this and they will tell all the friends the beautiful happiness of achievement, and the parents too feel proved of the childrens achievement satisfaction.

Just keep in mind that the height for the rider should be around 4′ 2” , so that they can enjoy the ride very comfortably, if little more or less is okay.

The reason why Hero Sprint 24 is trending in the market

There are many reasons behind Pertiquar bike trending, 9 to 11 year old kids are different, think different, they like attractive products because they are pre teenagers, also hormonal changes, motivation and surroundings are observed in every movement, and they like best look and best bike to ride.

They don’t know about the brands but they only know if his or her friend has something attractive then they must have the same or better but they remember the names and this name Hero Sprint 24 is very easy name for them. Easy to remember and demonstrate in front of parents, this is the bike I want.

They have a better memory once they see something beautiful that they can’t easily forget, but the child’s parents usually go through every detail of the bike and they explore which one is best for the kids, but usually after searching many places. Conclude that Hero Sprint 24 is the best bike for 9 to 11 year olds.

These decisions are not spontaneous but a carefully studied decision, parents are a little worried about the safety of these pre teenagers, they know that at this age they like to ride a very attractive and attractive bike with their children’s friends.

This hero brand is a very old brand and it is well known that some brands are in the market for a long time and its perfection is elusive.

The smooth operation of these bikes gives satisfaction to everyone, parents and children alike, who enjoy the presence of such a good bike at home, which is at the disposal of the control.

   About bike

Most of the tools in the box are, Allen Key & Spanner: Yes| Mudguard: Yes| Stand: Yes| Trainer Wheel: No| Carrier: No| Front Reflectors/Rear Reflectors : Yes| Chain Cover.

bike 24

Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike (Ideal For : 9 to 11 Years )

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Some More Details

The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use. Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation.
Tire size : 24 inches | Frame Size : 17 inches. Front Derailleur : Geared Shimano
Ideal For :9 to 11 Years | Min Rider Height :4 ft 2 inches | Max Rider Height :4 ft 9 inch
Front Brake : Caliper Brakes | Rear Brake : Caliper Brakes
Gear : 18 Speed
Frame Material : Steel | Suspension : Rigid
In Box Content: Allen Key & Spanner: Yes| Mudguard: Yes| Stand: Yes| Trainer Wheel: No| Carrier: No| Front Reflectors/Rear Reflectors : Yes| Chain Cover: No| Lock: No| Horn/Bell: No

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