June 3, 2022

Electric Motorcycle, The 20 Best Deciding Factors

Electric motorcycle 20 very important points to be noted while buying an electric motorcycle

  • The best safety
  • The best brand
  • The distance traveled with just a single charge
  • The time is taken for charging the battery
  • The battery should be portable
  • The best swapping options with respect to your city’s available service
  • The best-branded battery used, which has the best performance history in the market
  • The best impressive look with the best color options
  • Easy operation
  • The super-advanced technology used
  • Availability of spares
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Minimum space required in the parking area
  • Minimum torque with maximum output
  • Affordability
  • Minimum initial pickup time
  • Tough body with lightweight
  • Scientifically proper placement of shock absorbers, for the best smooth ride
  • The resale value of the branded product
  • Demand v/s supply in the market
  • Scratch resistance

Since there is a trending news in the market about some electric motorcycle are catching fire, I am not denying this, but now the point is very clear, only those motorcycle are catching fire which are using quality battries.

Well let me tell you as per deccan herald report, the problem of electric motorcycle catching fire are using defective battries.

Actually some brands are using unbranded battries, in adition to using fast charging technology, which actually adds the flams, in normal case every battery when getting charge, the ions in the chemical are super active which produce the heat, but over heat is undesirable and has to be controlled.

The proper technology should be used such as one the battery gets fully charged then it should stop futher charge.

Next point is these electric motorcycle are not gone through proper safety protocol, no proper standard marking on the battery is visible.

But in case of these komaki electric motorcycle, the situation is different they are using the most advance technology, which makes this motorcycle the most advance and the best in the market.

Komaki Electric Bike


Electric Motorcycle,

Komaki Classic Electric Motorcycle

I just love this motorcycle, because I find all the features I have mentioned above.


  • Rated Power 1000 Watts
  • Rated Peak Power 1500 Watts
  • 2.1 Kwh of Lithium Ion detachable battery pack
  • Controller Voltage : 60 V and 72 V
  • Braking System : Front and Rear Disk Brakes

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