June 2, 2022

revolt rv400, 5 Reason For Trending, (Rebel Red), Explained in Details

5 Unique Points Makes, revolt rv400, different from other motor bikes.

  • The First Indian motor bike fitted with artificial intelligence technology which is very advance and needed of the time.
  • Electric motor bike with best performance 150 Kms in just a single charge, comparatively the best in the market.
  • A new trend in the sound, 1st motor bike with interchangeable sound, a beautiful new trend, new taste, new glamor, which young generation love it and they are just made to grab this.
  • You need not run behind the battery but the battery will run behind you literally the batteries are on your doorsteps, literally you can just swap your batteries and keep going.
  • The most advanced new technology is called portable batteries, you can just charge like a mobile phone, it’s that simple and easy.

The look of the motor bike is designed like a sports bike, the look fascinates the young generation to ride this beautiful bike, the cons about the bike are not much, the weight of the bike and look of the bike will not attract the old generation people, they normally call this bike as dhasu bike, this is just a generation gap nothing more.

The need of the time is the best electric bike, which will be having a beauty, we need not run behind mechanic, because there will be very limited maintenance and hence if we ask the mechanic how is this bike then they will start scolding us like, if some maintenance comes then you will realize, but my vision is that this is just an illusion nothing more.

These electric bikes are really a boon to the world, very low emission, low wastage, long life, and are free from dependence on polluting fuel.

Headache of going through our valet and checking the purse, ” I have cash or not” if no cash then we have to use the alternative transport, we have to crip behind all this, great saving, great leaving style.

 revolt rv400

Revolt Motors RV400 (Rebel Red) – Pre-Booking Only!


India 1st AI enabled electric motorcycle , Worlds 1st motorcycle with 4 interchangeable sounds
150 Kms on a single charge
Comes with portable battery you can charge like a mobile phone
Batteries at your doorstep , Swap batteries on-the-go

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