May 29, 2022

The Best Bike Battery, The Primium Quality Product

My personal experience with bike battery

Bike Battery – Guys today I want to explain about bike batteries as I found many of us are unaware of the bike battery. It is an electrical storage device.

Now, this electrical storage device is used for storing electrical energy after that it is generated by a reversible chemical reaction that will take place between the lead and the acid in the bike battery.

When we talk about the types of battery then found that three types of batteries are available in the market first is alkaline, the second is nickel metal hydride (NIMH), and the third is lithium-ion. Now when I got into the detail then came to know that all three types have their advantages and disadvantages plus each one has its role to play in the field of technology.

Important points

Another important point that I was unaware of, was the lifespan of automotive batteries.

Then I came to know that the lifespan mostly depends on the usage and maintenance practices of the batteries plus it also varies from one company model to another for our reference we can say how good the model of our battery has been developed.

But I came to know that how much we do take care of it will last only for about three to four years.
Next important point is to know about the voltage.

It is important to know about it to be on the safer side. So it goes like this for open circuit voltage to be fully 100 percent charged we need an AGM battery of 12.8 to 13.0 volts. That means these AGM batteries that are 75 percent to 100 percent charged will measure 12.5 to 12.8 volts. Now Conventional batteries that are slightly lower open circuit voltages will measure 12.6 volts for 100 percent charge and 12.4 volts for 75 percent charge.

The Best Bike Battery, The Primium Quality Product

The Best Bike Battery, The Primium Quality Product

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Special Features And Details

【 2-5 Days Fast Delivery】Please ignore the delivery Estimate date in the system, we ship from CA US, and normally it takes 2-5 business days to deliver to you.

【One month free Return/ One Year Warranty/ Lifetime Technical Support】One month free return, one-year quality assurance, if your product is damaged within one year, we offer free repair service in the USA, if the battery can’t be repaired, we will send new one to you for free. Any problem, please contact the seller for help.

【Parameter】 This PVC Ebike battery is 48V 20AH, suitable for 1800W/1500W/500W motor(50W-1800W). Max constant discharge current:50A. Size: 245*160*70MM.Charger: 54.6V 2.5A. Discharge connector: A set of Xt60(Including Male Side&Female Side).

【Waterproof Material】The outer layer of the battery pack is made of waterproof PVC material, insulation, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof seal, and high adhesion.【 NOTE】Dodon’t fix the battery on the bike directly, it is easy to suffer from collision or extrusion, which will shorten battery life. We suggest putting it in a bag, a case.

【 ≥80% Capacity After 800 Cycles】UPP has implemented a strict high-quality management policy: Every Lithium battery has to pass the QC appearance and function test before shipment. The Ebike battery charge cycle exceeds 1000 times, life expectancy of up to 5 years.

Go back and read these points if you have missed out

Conclusion and summary

The content above has explained every point with accuracy and correct information, this battery is the best with respect to price and quality.

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” The bike battery is the mian factor for your safety ”


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