May 23, 2022

How To Clean Helmet, How To Wash Helmet, Smell Free Bike Ride

We Can Solve This Issue Of Cleaning Helmet With 2 Easy Methods

How To Clean Helmet? First method of cleaning the smelling helmet is very simple and easy and very affordable. Just buy this Helmet Kleen which is very cheap and affordable.

The advantages of Helmet Kleen is it’s super easy method to get ride of bad smelling helmet and make the helmet look shining new, no effect on hair, you can see the helmet with bad smell free, odor free, sparking stain free, no effect on skin. You can use this Helmet Kleen for dual purpose, you can use it to clean anything at home as the instructions mentioned on the container.

Useing Method

Just spray the foam and wipe it and clean the inner part of helmet, which makes your helmet sparking clean and you love to use it again.

In my case I use my helmet everyday, and I was just tired of the bad smell, once my daughter wanted to use the helmet and she saw that it’s smelling very bad then she scolded me and ordered this helmet kleen, I felt very shy due to this bad smell in my helmet, now since we are using this I can provedly give my helmet to anyone in the office, they all surprised how my helmet is so clean some of my friends took the address of this helmet kleen and they are also using just because the price is also very low and great results.

Just enlarge and see this.

VISTA AUTO CARE Vista Helmet Clean (Black, 125 ml)

Vista Helmet Clean

Vista Helmet Clean

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Second Method Of Cleaning Smelling Helmet, How to Wash Helmet?

Just wash the inner parts of helmet with shampoo, and keep it in the sun to get dry, but one issue with this method is that if the atmosphere is dry then this method will get success, if it’s raining outside or if the atmosphere is wet or damp then instead of getting away from bad smell, you will get much worst smell from your helmet if the helmet drys slowly then only this issue will arise.

As per my opinion the first method is the best method, if you want to try with second method and then jump to first method then also it’s okay, but you will be wasting time and my opinion is time is much presious than money.

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