May 11, 2022

Best Cycle Wheeling Five Technical Tips for Proper Implementation

Make the cycle wheeling very simple and easy

For the learning cycle, wheeling doesn’t need technical knowledge but if you have the technical knowledge it will improve your performance.

The points in red are important, don’t skip them while reading.

The most important thing you need for learning cycle wheeling 

  •  Self-confidence
  • Just passion to learn,  
  • Practice  
  • A bicycle
  • Balancing 
  • Other things such as gear, shock absorbers, and designer bicycles for wheeling are just added flavors to this nothing more, we can do wheeling with any bicycle.

Before knowing wheeling, just understand the actions behind the wheeling process. 

Cycle Wheeling Five Technical Tips for Proper Implementation

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We all know that transmission of power to the wheels is carried out by chain drive and from there to the gears and then to the wheels right, so we will understand each point.

We all know when the cycle starts to move the initial torque will be very high and hence we use the smaller gear and then as the speed picks up we will move to the further gears.

Here the wheeling is done at the time of moving the cycle hence we will put the cycle in the middle or top gear, just to make things simple and easy please note this is not needed even in any gear we can do the wheeling.

Now when you start to move, sit in a proper posture, never bend the front, keep the hands straight, and now slowly try to put your body weight backside and pull the handle synchronizing your body movement at the back. This just needs a couple of hours of practice.

When the wheel just rises try to keep the pace of your pedaling and balancing your body weight towards the back, at first you feel like falling but don’t fear it’s just the fear in you is frightening you nothing else have confidence you will not fall and then just practice, you can easily learn cycle wheeling.

The friction between the road and the tire will be high and this helps you in moving ahead without slipping or skidding if the tires are not flat and have proper threads.

Safety for wheeling

Just keep practicing. The process is very simple, and easy, wear the proper protective gear on your body for safety purposes. These safety gears will remove fear from your thoughts and bring more confidence in you, and the most important thing is you will be safe.

The investment in the safety kits is not a waste, nothing more precious than your well being so be safe and ride safe.   

” Wheeling needs a best gear ”

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