March 8, 2022

Full Suspension Mountain Bike, It Is Different And Superior 1

What Makes This Mountain Bike Superior?

If we just look at the full suspension mountain bike, we feel that it has got a shock absorber in the middle, but I like to explain the technology behind this technique.

The points in the red are very important.

We all know that the full suspension mountain bike is having, front two shock absorbers and the middle one, but this middle one will play an important role, 5 points to be noted.

  • If we calculate the center of gravity of the cycle then this is the place they have placed the shock absorber
  • The First wheel is having 2 Shock absorbers that will absorb the first impact which will be transferred to the middle one systematically.
  • First shock through the front wheel is only felt by hands but not the body
  • This middle shock is having two functions one is to carry the shock effect of the front wheel and the second is by maintaining the balance of the shock which will give the rider safety and a smooth ride
  • Aluminium parts of the cycle will keep the parts away from corrosion.

When we are riding the bike if any hump comes in the way, the first shock will directly impact us, but here in full suspension mountain bike, the first shock is front shock absorbers will take care but this shock is not completely absorbed a part of the shock still passes through the body but in this bike, this remaining shock is not transferred to the rider but it will be sent to the middle shock absorber.

Now the middle shock absorber will absorb the remaining effect, and in the end, the rider will not get the jerk effect and he will be safe.

Now when the second wheel comes in contact with the hump, again the shock is sent to the front wheel, and 70 % of the shock will be absorbed here and the rest shock will be managed by the middle shock absorber.

This is the advantage of most advances and technology, every point will be studied properly, to give the rider the best experience of the bike.

Always the best output of an engineer is to provide the best thing keeping in mind minimum material is used and the maximum advantage one has to get, even the top priority of the best engineer is to make the product at the minimum price, if the material used is of the best quality and the product will be best, but using and most advance technology is just a precious gift to the end user.

Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 18-Inch/Medium Aluminum Frame and 29-Inch Wheels with Disc Brakes, Silver

Have a closer enlarged look!

Full Suspension Mountain Bike, It Is Different And Superior

Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 18-Inch/Medium Aluminum Frame and 29-Inch Wheels with Disc Brakes, Silver

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Bike Type Mountain Bike
Brand Mongoose
Wheel Size 29 Inches
Suspension Dual
Number of Speeds 21


The aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort & performance
The element suspension fork smoothes the bumps and increases control
21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters changes gears easily
Alloy wheels with quick-release front
Alloy front & rear disc brakes 

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