March 7, 2022

Fat Bike, Beautiful Advance Model Unisex Bike, Very Economical

Viva Muscle VB-9561 26×4.0 21-Speed ​​Dual Disc Fat Bike for Boys & Girls

To be precise I will mention all the advantages and disadvantages of the fat bike, and I just don’t want to waste your precious time, by writing something you are not interested in, when you are searching fat bike then you might have seen such bike around and want to know the exact details.

The points in red are very important never miss these points.


  • The fat bikes are having a better grip on the road
  • Chances of slip or skid are just avoided because the more area covered with the impact of road and the tire the better will be the grip.
  • The best point is fat bikes are the best on any type of road whether it is mud road or tar road or cement road.
  • Smooth in operation, you can feel the comfort in movement which can’t be explained in words.
  • If some heavy vehicle is moving beside, the normal bike we can feel the vacuum effect created around but because of better grip you can feel the safety.
  • Beautiful look and modern bike
  • The fat bikes are a bit heavy due to this you can feel the confidence in riding
  • Because of heavy, they can withstand the jerks and shocks on rough roads.
  • Because of inertia if the bike is in motion and another hand it is having a better grip and is a bit heavy the power required will be comparatively very less which is a great advantage.
  • When the bike is at high speed and taking a turn, a centrifugal and centripetal force is acted upon and because of better grip the rider will be safe.
  • Better friction between the tire and road is an advantage.


  • The biggest disadvantage is a bit heavy
  • Difficult to carry in hand if sometimes it is required
  • If the bike is puncher then difficult to carry the bike to the puncher shop.

The brand is very famous in India, the frame is made of very strong material and rest alloy due to which better durability rust free, comes in a beautiful color, fork suspension made up of beautiful modern technology, more details you can just have a closer look of the bike you can find the details.

Have a closer look for crystal clear now enlarge

Viva Muscle VB-9561 26x4.0 21-Speed ​​Dual Disc Fat Bike for Boys & Girls

Have a closer look, at Viva Muscle VB-9561 26×4.0 21-Speed ​​Dual Disc Fat Bike for Boys & Girls

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Some technical details

Frame: Steel 26×18″ Water sticker || Shifter: Micro Shift FD-M20
Fork : Suspension || Tire : 26×4.0 Maquis ||Tube : 26×4.0 A/V Butyl || Rim : 36H Black A/V Alloy || Hub : Steel 36H Direct Mount
Headset : Thread Less || Stem : Alloy || Handle Bar : Steel 650mm Center (31.8) || Spoke : ED Coated || Saddle : MTB PU || Seat Pillar : 27.2″ x 300mm steel || Clamp : QR || Pedal : Plastic 9/16″ || Grips : Soft Grip
Bottom Bracket : BB Cartridge || Front Derailleur : Micro Shift RD M*21 || Rear Derailleur : Micro Shift TS 38-7 || Chain: 118 L Daya
Brake Set: Dual Disc || Crank Set: 24/34/42 x 170mm with Steel Crank || Freewheel: 7 Speed ​​(14-28)T

  • Fat bikes are fun to ride and easy to maintain.
  • It’s easier to carry around and store than a regular bike.
  • You’ll be able to ride longer distances without getting tired or sore
  • They’re also great for mountain biking because they have wider tires and better suspension
  •  Fat Bikes are the best way to enjoy winter riding without getting cold or wet. They’re also great for commuting, touring, and even racing.
  •  Get ready for some serious fun on these awesome fat bikes! Learn about the history of fat biking, what makes them different from regular mountain bikes, and more!
  •  Fat bikes are becoming increasingly popular as people discover their versatility and fun factor. Learn everything there is to know about these amazing machines!
  • Fat Bikes are becoming more popular as people try to stay active during the winter months. Find out why they’re so great!
  • A fat bike is an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about snow or ice. Get ready to ride one today!
  • Fat Biking has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It’s time to take advantage of this trend and experience the fun of riding on a fat bike!
  • Thin Tires are lighter than thick tires, so they are easier to ride over rough terrain. However, they don’t offer much traction when riding on ice or wet surfaces.
  • There are many different types of Fat Bikes and Thin Tires. Some are made by companies like Trek, while others are made by individuals.

In many industries people are using artificial intelligence in the R&D part of every industry and the same is happening in the bike industry.

Every fortnight we can see something new in technology, as well as this new bike is unique in nature and beauty, we can experience it, we can visit any showroom where the bike is sold and request for a free test drive, the sales team will certainly and definitely arrange with the demo.

These mountain bikes are not only for mountain climbing but can be used in any plane and any place where humans are present.

Mountain bike does not require any special new learning, but only the design and quality elements that we can observe and experience.

Mountain bikes are truly unique, they have beautiful looks with the soft touch of the world’s best engineers who are experts in designing and learning them.

The new look is stunning and attractive, affordable and easy to park.

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Conclusion and summary of the content mentioned above

The correct information we have writte, we have used this product and hence we have mentioned all the points of this cycle, the information will be highly recomended to all the people interested in fat bike, the information is correct and satisfactory to all readers.

“The fat bike is the best for all”


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