December 29, 2021

Best Cycle For 2 Years Old In India

If you watch the illustrated given then no need of reading 1000 words content, 

Cycle for 2 years : – This is the age of children start exploring the outside world, the main factor will be learning with play and enjoyment, but it is the parent’s responsibility to proved them the best things to explore, one of the best examples is the best cycle for 2 years old.

Information in red is very important

At this age they can’t make a decision and completely they are dependent on parents decisions.

Hence before providing them the best things to them parents should know what is best for 2 year kids, the following factors will make the decision making process easy.

  1. First priority comes with safety, parents should read properly the product or the cycle they are providing to 2 years old, it should be safe from toxic material.
  2. All the safety measures has been taken in a scientific way
  3. The product should be light in weight
  4. The product should be easy to handle for just 2 years old with minimum supervision.
  5. The height of the cycle should be perfect
  6. One important point to be noted is that we are not providing a toy for enjoyment but a complete process of learning with a joyful way
  7. The product should be from a reputed company, which actually add value to your decision
  8. The product should be reasonably affordable
  9. The cycle should be strong enough to withstand the harsh reality of kids rough usage

Better choice always give the best results, depending upon all the above factors I am referring the below best cycle for 2 years old, this cycle is unisex and either boy or girl of age 2 years can really enjoy the ride with learning integration.

Cycle For 2 Years, Plug N Play Kids/Baby Tricycle With Parental Control

Cycle For 2 Years, Plug N Play Kids/Baby Tricycle With Parental Control

Luusa RX-500 Plug N Play Kids/Baby Tricycle With Parental Control, Cushion Seat And Seat Belt For 12 Months To 48 Months Boys/Girls/Carrying Capacity Upto 30kgs (Orange)

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Detail Features As Described Enlarge and have a close watch

  • PLUG N PLAY : Easy to install as almost all the parts come pre-assembled and would not require much time as all the parts are Smart Plug and Play based.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The most important part, the SEAT BELT which comes as standard in all our Tricycles.
  • Secondly, the Tricycle is based on (ZED) ZERO EDGE DESIGN PLATFORM
  • STORAGE SPACE: Storage space to keep stuff for kids, be it sipper, stuff toys, mobile phones etc
  • FOLD-ABLE and ROTATE-ABLE FOOTREST: The Footrest is both Fold-able and Rotate-able which can be adjusted as per the need
  • CUSHIONED PARENTAL CONTROL: Not just Parents, now even Elder Siblings can manoeuvre the Tricycle.
  • BIS COMPLIANT : All the Luusa products are ISI marked and BIS compliant.

Many more points to explain about this product, we will update soon

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