December 29, 2021

Best And Perfect Cycle For 10 Years Old In India

Perfect cycle for 10 years

I used the word perfect cycle for 10 years because scientific studies and designing shows that for physical balancing is tund to 10 years of age.

Following points are considered in these studies

  1. According to the studies normal height of the children should match the height of the cycle; there should not be any mismatch.
  2. If the height of the cycle is too high it will add indirect stress
  3. If the height is scientifically lower than the required height of children then it will impact the backbone which is undesirable and impact the growth.
  4. Designing people of cycle will study the average strength of child at the age of 10 and accordingly the will design.
  5. I am just referring this cycle which will be perfect for the children of age 10.
  6. Children of the age 10 are called pre teen and the body is developing spontaneously and they have to burn the energy in a very systematic way and this cycle is design in such a programmed way.
  7. Cycling is always remains perfect medium to maintain and balance the height and weight of the child.
  8. Cycling in other words called a perfect exercise for children
  9. Smart people will always take smart decisions scientifically
  10. Perfect designing is the perfect choice for perfect age.

<h3class=”a-size-large a-spacing-none”>Firefox Biycle For 10 Years, Cyclone-24T, 21 Speed Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Bike

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Best And Perfect Cycle For 10 Years Old In India

Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T, 21 Speed Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Bike

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Features Enlarge and See Properly

The Cycle for 10 years is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled).

Refer to installation video in images to assemble the bike yourself or Add Cycle assembly for home installation while checkout.

In case you need any further assistance in assembling the bike please visit nearest Firefox Dealer with Invoice.

To know your nearest Firefox Dealer visit Firefox website

First Free Service: Visit Firefox website to book your first free service online. The first free service includes bike tune up, Chain de grease & lubrication, Brake wire and gear wire degrease and lubrication ,Air pressure checkup.

Alloy Hardtail MTB Frame with front Zoom Suspension I Shifter: microShift I.

The bike is with V-Brake for Power Braking,

Double wall rims for extra strength,

Seat QR for easy saddle adjustment I Tire Size :24 inches| Frame Size : 14 inches | Ideal For :9-12 Years| Min Rider Height : 4.6 feet | Max Rider Height : 5.6 feet | Front Brake : V-Brake| Rear Brake : V-Brake | Frame Material : Steel| Side Stand: Yes I Reflector: YES I Suspension :Front

In-box Content : 1 Firefox Bikes Cyclone, Pedal, Tool Kit (Allen Key & Spanner)

The Firefox Cyclone is built on a Kids specific Alloy frame which is light and durable.

The frame offers good stability.

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