December 8, 2021

Racing Cycle in India, 10 Important Points For Cycle Race

Just 10 Very Important Points For Racing Cycle

10 Important points makes racing cycle different from other normal cycle, as per the scientific studies, just like to get best results each part of the cycle plays an important role.

1. The handle, the design of handle is quite different from normal cycle, the reason is to achieve best results the posture of the rider should be focused and avoid the air current.

2. Frame, the design of the frame is different and the weight will be kept lowest with high strength, to use the kinetic energy of flow and the power should be divided according to the scientific deep calculation to achieve best results, the studies are conducted rigorously according to all weather condition, all the test will be done precisely keeping in mind each and every point considered and no stone remains upturned to find the flaws.

3. Wheels, the structure of wheels will be perfect, the wheel balancing is on the top priority, the strength of the wheel will be at highest because we all know wheels decide the final goal.

4 Tyre, we all know the speed of racing cycle will be tremendous and rapid fire, and hence heat is generated in this process and the heat is undesirable and unwanted and hence the designing is made accordingly, the friction is highest between rubber and concrete, and the friction is pushing the cycle at high speed and hence the grove are studied properly while making a racing cycle.

5. Bearing, the top priority part, but highest heat is generated and heat dissipation takes place with an organized way, we all know that heat is generated due to friction and which is undesirable and unwanted this is the beauty racing cycle.

6. Paddle, this is the place which receives the power and transfers to the wheels and we all know that this area needs to be very strong to withstand the torque, the material used should be very strong with respect to maintain the least weight, the designing of this area makes a huge difference.

7. Lean and sleek design, is used to maintain the current of air, to maintain the sharp speed.

8. Gear, we all know the timing of gear change makes a remarkable difference in speed of the racing cycle, and the designing takes lot of time here, this is the beauty of racing cycle.

9. Break, actually this should come on the first place of this information because safety is always a first priority and nothing comes above this, the better the break with strength and with respect to weight then the better is the racing cycle.

10. Chain, normally people ignore this part and use any chain but for racing cycle which consumes high power transmission needs to be focused the better the quality of chain the least power loss will take place.

The places power transmission loss takes place in R cycle.

Highest will be at chain, between the paddle and bearings and tyres, and some power loss happens due to the opposing force generated due to current of air if it is from opposite side.

The best racing cycle I have experienced is given here, I have tested it and found that this bicycle is best for Indian roads, I don’t know much about other imported bicycles but all my friends too love this bicycle.

You can enlarge and see the beauty of this which I really love. I know you will also love this

Racing Cycle

PEDALOOP 28 inches Wheel – 700c Dual Disc Brakes Front Suspension , Steel Frame Single Speed Hybrid All-Mountain Bicycle for Unisex (Black) Over 23 Years

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Here R stands for Racing, I just love this MTB because it is fordable too.

Read some of the beautiful features of R Cycle

  • R Cycles Foldable cycle is delivered in a semi-assembled condition (85% assembled), customer should assemble the cycle, fine-tune gear assembly and inflate tyres properly, before use (professional suggested)
  • Dual (Double) Disc Brakes (Front and Rear), High Quality – Carbon Steel Frame, Dual (Double) Hydraulic Suspension (Front and Rear), Maximum length after assembly: 167 centimetres
  • Minimum seat height after assembly: 79 centimetres (lowest seat point to ground), Maximum seat height after assembly: 99 centimetres (highest seat pipe size to ground), Frame height (size in inches): 16 inches (Pipe below the seat)
  • Quick release and Adjustable Seat Post | Magnesium Nylon Tyres 26 x 2.25 Size, Tire Size (inch) :26 | 21 Derailleurs (Gears) with Partially adjusted fitting (consult an expert for proper fitting and gear use)

Another beautiful model in the market



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