October 18, 2021

Do You Know What Makes Rockrider Cycle Different?

Just Un-Fold Information of The Trending Rockrider

Let us focus only on rockrider cycle, the beauty of technology speaks louder than anything else, designing is not just a simple job and the best engineering designs explodes in the market like anything.

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If you observe the rockrider cycle it speaks itself, just observe closely you will see the beauty of technology, the designing, the beauty of it’s own.

Information in red is very important

The material used here is kept in the mind to maintain the best weight without compromising the strength, alloy is the mixer of different materials which gives the maximum strength, durability, and fights against the natural enemy of metals which is called corrosion.

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If you hold the rockrider cycle then you can feel the difference, you can feel the confidence, you can feel the strength, you can feel the weight of the rockrider cycle, normally if something becomes trending then there is some reason and the truth people speaks and the word from the mouth spreads faster than anything, if something is good then people will talk about it.

And if something is –ve then also people will talk about it, and makes the product famous, now we can just observe how fast trending this rockrider cycle is in the Indian market.

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The raised position gives comfort to the rider, further comfort is added by the 80 mm suspension, you should also know about the beautiful technology of hammock saddle which is amazing, the flex seat post is just a topping on the advantage.

When we say that the rockrider is high end cycle then it is easy to understand an ultra strong MTB is in your hand, if you are expecting me to mention the beauty of double walled rim then you are right I have to say that this makes the rockrider further strong.

Trigger shifter is just a milestone, which you love to experience, these things are quite simple light frame, 21 speed, 27.5”.

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Wheels are design to maintain low rolling resistance, regarding safety the beauty is in the V-brake pads and tyres with side knobs.

Just see this in a proper format now.

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Do You Know What Makes Rockrider Cycle Different?

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Some Features You Love to Read About The Rockrider Cycle

  • Enjoy touring: raised position, 80 mm suspension, hammock saddle, FLEX seat post
  • An ultra-strong MTB: double-walled rims, welded saddle and trigger shifter.
  • Light frame, 21 speeds, 27.5″ wheels (XS 26″), tyres with low rolling resistance
  • Control your trajectory: V-Brake pads, tyres with side knobs 

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