October 13, 2021

Exactly I Am Looking For This Type of Cycle Lock,

The Best Multipurpose Cycle Lock

This cycle lock is just for name sake actually this lock can be used for multi purpose, such as we can use it to lock the helmet, or if we are traveling we can use it in the train and have a peaceful sleep.

Information in red is very important

The beauty of this cycle lock is this is an economic and affordable, multipurpose lock, strong and durable cycle lock.

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The section of the cable is thick but not very thick nor thin, but still it is very strong and we can trust the durability.

Even we can lock the motor bike over night and have a nice sleep, normally whenever we stop our cycle or motor bike in some crowded areas then we can lock our helmet, or cycle or motor bike or anything around which we can circle it.

In simple words I can say I bought this little gem but I call this not a just ordinary lock but peace of mind, normally if we spend lot of money also it will be difficult to achieve but this lock gave me this beautiful gift in my life.

The lock is simple and easy to use, just pass

though around something and lock it, this is so simple and easy to use.

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The PVC Pipe used around will help to protect other things such as it will save from scratches on helmet or bag, or the cycle itself.

Normally people will only think that this pvc pipe will save the lock cable from corrosion but when we use the lock we will realize that this lock will save our other products from scratches and damage.

Some Beautiful Features

The locking mechanism is so simple that just push it and forget it, the product is perfect design and price is also very comfortable hence I love this lock.

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 Exactly I Am Looking For This Type of Cycle Lock,

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  • Helmet Lock for Bike, Cycle, Scooter
  • The product is indengeouly manufactured quality product from the house of Alfa Locks
  • The iron cable is covered by the transparent PVC Pipe to prevent damage to hand and rust. 

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