October 6, 2021

Electric Tricycle, Battery Operated Tricycle for Adult

Active For All Battery Operated Tricycle For Handicapped – handicapped -accessories

A beautiful electric tricycle which operates on battery, the beauty of the product is affordable and very strong and durable, just stop thinking a lot take some life changing actions now.

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The electric tricycle is made of strong best pipe of optimum Gauge, and a special importance is given by designing wide enough for the sake of comfort the enough width  and overall length and the back seat is optimum height, just by studying the standard requirement of people who use it, the frame material is mild steel.

The standard studies shows that the height of footrest will be proper from ground, keeping in mind this will be the first step a person will use in such conditions.

Naturally the seat height from the footrest will be low, scientifically these are all studied planning, and keeping in mind the comfortable cushion are used.

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Regarding wheels nothing much to say normal ranger cycle wheels are used, with best dimension , well the beauty is with the motor, the real beauty is that DC motor is used for initial torque should overcome, which uses .

Regarding battery  if fully charged we can drive required distance only with low time hours charging time, regarding spare parts we need not worry at all, just because everything is easily available in the market.

Keeping safety at first, head light and horn is provided, along with side indicators, this electric tricycle can be used on any road and in any weather conditions just like normal cycle.

If we maintain properly then we can use it for very long time trouble free, the only cons are there is no rain protection for the rider which can be easily altered if you feel so.

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By using this a person can lead a comfortable normal life, the person can feel the easy mobility, independent and make his oven choice of going out, feel confident “ I can do it” these words are easy to say but this electric tricycle makes it simple and easy, this is your life leave to the fullest of its bream.


Electric Tricycle, Battery Operated Tricycle for Adult

RMB EV Libert-e Adult Electric Pedal Trike/Tricycle with Dual Rear Wheel Power


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Features of Electric Tricycle

  • Great for exercise and easy mobility. Designed for smooth ride. Quality construction.
    *Dual rear wheel power with differential for tight turn radius and great traction.
    *Heavy duty front shocks for smooth ride and powerful lithium battery pack
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