August 24, 2021

The Best Cycle Design, A Beautiful Look Always Act As A Magnet

FMAX Design 26 Inch 21 Speed 3 Knife Wheel Double Disc Brakes Full Suspension Non-Slip 18.00 Aluminium Foldable Mountain Cycle

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Before buying a cycle either for self or for giving gift on some special occasion, then our eye balls will be moving around to find the best out of best, the reason is simple we want the best cycle design.

Our first priority will be on the cycle design, which looks beautiful, because most of us have fed up with the old model bicycles around, there will be no much difference.

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But today you are going to explore a very beautiful, very comfortable, easy to use and easy to fold, and light in weight, the best modern design which gives you the best out of best.

It is needless to tell you about the designer dress, it is obvious that these are created with the intention of attractiveness, but when we are talking about cycle design, then we need beauty + durability and lot more.

The beauty of this bicycle is that whenever someone looks at it will be fascinated and love to ride this bicycle that is the reason people say magnetic look.

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We will not stop only with the look but we will just go in depth why this design, if you are an engineer then with just one glance you will say oh this is the design for the speed, but if you are a doctor then you will say oh this is the real design for healthy ride, and if you are poet then you will explain it in a poetic style.

If you are a student then you will say all my friends love this beautiful looks cycle because most of my friends use this.

If you are a father or mother then you will say that there is something special in this bicycle hence so many people are buying only this since some time.

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If you are a mechanical engineer then you will say that the best design with respect to shear force and bending movement and you will speak about the power transmission system of this cycle design, anti skid and more.

Well the bottom line is that we have all the features of best bicycle of this decade in India, the best cycle design, the best price cycle, the best brand, strong and durable.


This is the reason we call it magnetic look.

The Best Cycle Design, A Beautiful Look Always Act As A Magnet Buy Now On Amazon

Some features you will love to read on design

  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Magnesium Tyres
  • Foldable Frame, High Carbon Steel Material
  • 21 Shimano Gears, 26″ Tyres ,Dual disc brakes make brakes more sensitive.
  • Mano Pito tyres quality
  • folding bikes for adults,26 inches wheels fits up to 5’3-5’9”



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