July 17, 2021

Strode Bike ONN Rover Electric Bike – 55Km Full Throttle Range

Strode Bike ONN Rover Electric Bicycle - 55Km Full Throttle RangeBuy Now On Amazon

Strode Bike ONN Rover Electric Bike – 55Km Full Throttle Range

Electric bike purchased 2 of these for my children. Had them for about fourteen days at this point. They are extraordinary. To show you the extraordinary battery life, I will give you my experience when my weight is 78 kg I ride the bike with my 6 year old 28 kg little girl on same seat, hence most dire outcome imaginable at 106 kg approximate ride them as much as 60 kilo meters on to some degree bumpy streets without running out of battery.

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After I reached destination the battery still working.. I thinks it must be low..I have had the option to go something like 10 additional minutes or around a 9 kilo meters or thereabouts.

The battery appears to keep going for seemingly forever. They say some approximate minutes continuously…which (nobody truly does) converts into 90 minutes of fun with stops and so on I additionally have 2 young men are 6 and 8 years of age. The two of them ride the electric bike with no issues.

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Required the 6 year a few attempts however he is presently entirely alright with it. I was stressed in light of the fact that the electric bike is substantial at more than 40 kg , yet they are steady while riding and the children never need to manage the weight. My 6 year old little girl is hesitant to ride it so we ride together…so far bicycle had held up.

Negative: Front suspension and front plate brakes are uproarious. They are uproarious regardless of the weight 100 kg on the bicycle.

By and large, kids love them around the house. Grown-ups can utilize them assuming you need to go on even longer than normal trips…one for the grown-up one for a youngster. You will look ridiculous however will have as large a grin as your child while riding.. Before long I’ll need to purchase another for my little girl.

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SPEED: Clocked it at around 18 km/h on level road, with 100 kg on the bicycle. My children pass me effectively most likely getting around 20 km/h.

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  • Battery – 14 Ah, 672 Wh
  • Motor – 48 V, 250 W, 18 Nm rear hub motor
  • Speed – 25 Km/hr
  • Charger – Custom designed 42V/ 5 A charger
  • Brakes – Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Tyres – 660 mm* 101 mm (Fat Tyre)
  • Frame – Aluminium 6061
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