July 17, 2021

Best eBike Conversion Kit, Easily Convert Your Bike To ebike, 3 Steps

Electric Drive Bike Conversion Kit,36V 250W E‑Bike Conversion Set with KT‑900S Display Meter Hub Motor Thumb fit for 700C 12G Bike Wheel(Backdrive, Pisa Leaning Tower Type)

Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of e bike conversion kit, this kit comes with all the necessary parts and tools, if you plan to convert from normal bike to e bike it is very simple and easy, in just 3 steps and moreover the best part is the satisfaction we get once the project is over is actual charm.

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We get a different sort of happiness which can’t be explained in words, and if you are planning to have this happiness then just get this e bike conversion kit and start the work.

Actually I wanted to enjoy this pleasure and hence I just bought this kit, I could have bought a ready to use e bike, but still I wanted to experience the stunt of developing something different from all my friends.

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I just bought this best e bike conversion kit at my first conveyance and started the work, this work did not take a long time but I built the e bike constructed by myself and it was just an immense pleasure and satisfaction just like I am hunting and eating what I want.

Just imagine if I bought an e bike just out of the market like my friends did it then I would have just missed this beautiful feeling which now I am experiencing.

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Simplicity of this project conversion of normal bike to e bike.


The Best e Bike Conversion Kit,

The Best e Bike Conversion Kit,

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It is very simple and complete information is provided in the manual, with each instruction, consider if I would have bought it ready to use then I would not have known the complete ins and outs of this beautiful best e bike conversion kit.

The cons are we all know we have to work on this project for around a hour, but if we ignore then this e bike conversion kit is the best.

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If you are a dynamic person and love to venture in to something very pleasant work then just don’t have a second thought and just order now and start your project, and I bet you will enjoy each and every step of this project.

  1. High strength and efficiency, greatly improving the riding pleasure, suitable for cyclists who like challenges.
  2. Suitable for 700C wheel, simple to operation, durable and sturdy, has a long service life.
  3. Provides a lot of assistance for long‑distance riding, saving energy to go far and more beautiful places.
  4. Brushless hub motor, realize noiseless running, make you full enjoy the fun of riding.
    Suitable for DIY electric bicycles, making your ordinary bicycle an electric bike.
    Warranty not applicable for this product

The 3 steps are just buy kit, fix it as per the instructions and move.


Never say never again, take some innovative steps in life and live a life like a king.

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