July 10, 2021

Bicycle Disk Brake, Complete Set for Bicycle Front Disk Brake,

Description of bicycle brake

The most important part of bicycle is the brake, this part of bicycle allows you to stop and control your pace of movement, there are different type of bicycle brake, these types depends upon the power transmitted to the friction unit, either it is a rubber friction unit or a drum friction unit or a disk brake friction unit.

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The idea of stopping and controlling will remain the same a strong friction is created and this stops the movement of bicycle.

But the applying brake point to the actual friction unit plays an important different function such as a wire transmission of power or power transmission of power.

As the word defines the power is transmitted from your applying brake unit to the actual action area through wire is called a normal wired transmission, and another power transmission here the fluid is used to transmit the power from applying brake unit to the action area, this unit is little complicated as compare to wire transmission of power, and in short called power brake and another is normal brake.

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But the action area is always a friction brake in case of bicycle brakes, but in case of cars and motor bikes instead of friction the power brake is used with creation of vacuum which will stop the movement of wheels.

The reason this vacuum brake is not used in bicycle is simple the power required to move the bicycle is less as compare to motor bike and cars and the weight of the bicycle will be quite low and the friction created will be just enough to stop the movement of bicycle.

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Now let us talk about the disk brake for bicycle, this unit is largely used in MTB,

Bicycle Disk Brake, Complete Set for Bicycle Front Disk Brake,

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The disk brake is as the name suggest it is just a disk, the advantages of this disk brake is that this is highly effective brake, you don’t need a electric power to use it even the normal wire can also fulfill the task as effective as we want.

The disadvantage of this disk brake as compare to vacuum brake is that it is not just as instant as vacuum brake, but is much better in most of the points such as vacuum brake needs as special power but when we apply it will be just very smooth and instant.

The conclusion is that the disk brake is better in most of the cases as compare to vacuum brake and pad brake.

Features, bicycle disk brake


  • Disk brake plate, machine, wire, hub and fork clip
  • Suitable for Bicycle Front Disk Break
  • pack of 5 items

The bicycle pad brake

This unit is very simple and very nice but the advantage is that it is very light weight simple, cheaper, no complications just fix it and move on and this bicycle pad brake is very comfortable and easily available in the market, anyone can fix this brake if broken because the mechanism is very simple, but the cons are for weighty bicycle the action is very slow and not as effective as that of disk brake and vacuum brake, but still majority of bicycle use this technology because of simplicity and very effective in normal bicycle.

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The mechanism of bicycle pad brake is very simple when we apply brake the power is transmitted, through a rod or a wire and the strong friction between the rim and the rubber stops the movement of bicycle, it’s that simple.

Can we upgrade from bicycle pad brake to disk brake?

Yes we can upgrade with some small changes in the bicycle and the kit is available in the market now a days.

The quality is maintained at high standard, do something great today for making your tomorrow better.

The bicycle pad brake, bicycle brake not a disc, bicycle disk brake

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