July 3, 2021

Universal Cycle Valve Cap Light Green (CAR and Bike)

Very Beautiful Universal Cycle Valve Cap Light

This universal cycle valve cap light is not just beautifier but it acts as a safety measure, and also it adds value to your personality, and the different color of cycle valve cap light make you stand out of the crowd and you will be just unique in the crowd.

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The psychology of human is that if you are looking different from all others then you will be having a different identity this adds value to your personality and attract people towards you, even if they may not say a word but at least people will start asking you from where did you buy this right ?

You call it beauty and I call it safety, this light will make your presens impressive.

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Actually it is very simple and very cheap, but adds lot of value to you around.

The simplicity of this bicycle gadget is that you need not do anything just fix it on your bicycles air valve and just start moving you can feel the difference.

Seriously you bicycle will look very beautiful and very attractive, when I added this gadget to my bicycle people started asking me if you have any plan of selling your bike then you must approach me I will give you the best price, I always just brush off such comments and keep moving but I always think that just a small piece can add such a value to my bicycle then it is really worth.

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Cons, let me tell you even though this battery operated gadget cycle valve cap light is cheap but battery we have to change every 8 months.

Universal Cycle Valve Cap Light Green (CAR and Bike)

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Most people say this is just a cool act, but really it is good.

We can even use it for motor bike too, even though it is design simple but really very beautiful and attractive gadget, I just love valve cap light, I added many friends after installing this gadget first people will start asking us then they will attracted with the my personality and cool ideas such as this valve cap light.


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  • BAVA cycle and bike valve cap Indicator light.
  • These LED indicators for cycle and bike handles are easy to attract attention while being pleasing to the eye.
  • It helps your fellow motorists to know which direction you are going easily.
  • Their powerful lighting ensures that they are bright enough to offer safety on the road, even at night.
  • The quality is maintained at high stander,  and it is different
  • Long life battery hours and easily replaceable batteries when needed. Very easy to install in moments. 


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