June 24, 2021

Best Bicycle Crunches, Advantages of Imaginary Bicycle Crunches,

Bicycle crunches, advantages and disadvantages of imaginary bicycle crunches

Let me first tell you what is bicycle crunches, this is a method of exercise to strengthen the lower back your abs and thigh muscles.

Information in red is very important

The meaning of imaginary bicycle crunches is the exercise you are doing in the air and imagining that your are riding a bicycle, and you are lying on the mat.

But people have made it simple and they started using imaginary bicycle and act like they are using actual bicycle.

The biggest disadvantage of this imaginary bicycle crunches is that slowly you will start realizing that you are fooling yourself by using this method and you will start to slowdown and at a point you will stop doing this.

And one more point is that just know that this imaginary bicycle crunches will have very less or no much effect as compare to the actual physical product.

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But if you use the actual bicycle crunches and start using you will start loving this exercise and you get interest in this exercise, and you will realize you are not fooling yourself.

This is what actually happen with me, but the advantage is that in the beginning when we watch on youtube or tv we feel this is very simple exercise and we have plenty of advantages and we start doing this and we can consider this imaginary bicycle crunches as an exercise starter, but we can’t continue the imaginary bicycle crunches.

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Actually bicycle crunches are the great method of toning the abs muscles and thigh muscles and lower back muscles but please make a note if you have a lower back pain please take the advice of some best physician and then start doing this exercise, otherwise this exercise may have adverse effect on your health.

Many people just watch on youtube or on the tv and start doing some exercise but they never try to know this exercise is best for you are not, for example if you have something damage in your spinal cord and start doing this exercise then it will have counter productive, it means that it will make your day’s difficult as compare to otherwise.

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Hence I always advise the people reading my blog post to first take the advice of some good physician before starting some new exercise, when you are able to read this then you are well educated to understand my point.


Always take smart initiative

In case if everything is fine with you and you love to add some glamour to your personality then use the proper the best quality bicycle crunches as shown here.

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