June 18, 2021

Bicycle Bottle Holder, Strauss Bicycle Bottle Holder

Strauss Bicycle Bottle Holder

Since some day’s whenever I am riding bicycle I feel thirsty even though outside it is very cool, I thought of buying a bicycle bottle holder, whenever I plan to buy I will make a list of points required in the product.

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This time I made these highlight points, the bicycle bottle holder must be affordable, the best brand in the market, impressive, good looking, easy to install and easy to operate, easy to remove.

I read many reviews then come to conclusion this is the best bicycle bottle holder in the market with all my requirements fulfilled, my next action was not waiting and thinking again and again but I just shoot the buy button and within couple of days it reached my sweet home.

The product is as mentioned sleek, beautiful, easy to install and remove, I can fix the bicycle bottle, after watching it carefully I thought that due to vibration of bicycle, it may slide down but I was wrong this bicycle bottle holder is having beautiful grip on the rod, I just tried this by riding the bicycle for half hour.

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I went on for tracking but still the bicycle bottle holder having the best grip, I am impressed with the product and hence I am referring this to others.

The cons are simple only one that is I can’t fix a large bicycle bottle on this, but for one person this will be enough.

The best pro of this product is that it is very strong and durable, and fits very well to universal all the bicycles.

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What I feel is every bicycle must have this unit attached to the bicycle, and it should be made mandatory to have this unit on each and every bicycle, but this is only my opinion and nothing more.

Bicycle Bottle Holder, Strauss Bicycle Bottle Holder Buy Now On Amazon

The product is flexible a bit, this part I love a lot I tried with different bicycle bottles and all fix well on this unit.

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  • Expanded size – this quick release bottle cage is made with advanced plastic steel, fits for most standard-sized water bottles. 2.5 inch – 3.3 inch bottle in diameter is perfect fit
  • No tool needed – the clamp of the bottle cage is designed for easy to installation and remove, no tool needed. Put the pedestal onto the bar, then rotate the controlling valve to fix it onto the place, no wobble and stay in place
  • This quick release bottle cage is upgraded clamp with a rubber pad (just one side) offers a better grip to bar than without one
  • The clamp design of this bottle cage allows it to be mounted in seconds with no tools required
  • The clamp design of bottle cage is designed for quick connect and disconnect, it can be used on any bars not just for bike, such as yacht, dirt bike, motorcycles, go-kart, ATV, etc
  • Resonate the quality is maintained at high stander always.
  • This quick release bottle cage is made with advanced plastic, the arm of the cage can be bent for better fit
  • More always make you happy

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