June 13, 2021

Cycle Derailleur, Lista 111 Cycle Derailleur


Lista 111 Bicycle Derailleur

Cycle derailleur is just a small unit fitted to each gear cycle, the main function of this unit is to shift the gear according to the command sent to this using a mechanical wire.

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This cycle derailleur is having a small gear which will be rotating in conjugation of cycle chain, when we plan to shift the gear we move it according to the required gear, and this moves in synchronize with the mechanical command.

This all looks very simple but it’s not the designing work takes lot of engineering, but let us focus on our requirement.

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Because of friction and wear and tear the unit get worn out and needs to be changed, the big question is how we can know if this has to be changed but the answer is very simple when we start facing the problem of frequent trouble in shifting the gear, we have to observe the unit carefully, then we can find the worn out parts of the cycle derailleur.

Another issue is now due to covid 19 lockdown, it is very difficult to find this unit in offline market, hence we have to opt only online buying.

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Points we have to consider before buying cycle derailleur

Lista 111 Cycle Derailleur

Lista 111 Cycle Derailleur

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  1. Affordable because in offline it is a bit costly and we get very limited choice.
  2. We have to read some reviews of this product
  3. We have to keep in mind the model
  4. We have to read about the fasting nut and bolts because in the market we can find different fasting parts but the best suitable for our cycle we have to find.
  5. We have to observe the material used because in the market some units are coming in cheaper quality and product is made of plastic, but we have to find the aluminum unit.
  6. Read carefully before buying

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Whenever I plan to go on a long ride I normally observe each and every part of my bicycle first thing is the break, then tyre, then lighting then chain then the cycle derailleur.

If needed I will wash the cycle and oil the each and every part then in the last I will use the best quality lubricant for the cycle derailleur, the reason is simple power transmission is done by the chain and the gear, now this power has to be utilized at optimum point.

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The best engineers are those how use minimum material and get the maximum out put, this is my professor taught me, and I apply in daily life even for my bicycle.

One important point I like to mention here when you are fixing this unit be careful while removing so that you should know how to fix it even though there are so many youtube videos explaining how to fix it but still take care while you are removing the unit, so that it will be easy at the time of fixing.

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Features with real info

features, infographic, Cycle Derailleur


Shimano tourney rd-ty300 6/7 speed black direct mount rear derailleur – no retail package
Made in Indonesia, brand: shimano, model : ty300
Speed: 6/7s, colour: as shown in the picture
In-Box Contents: 1 piece derailleur
Size : Small

Perfect the quality is maintained at high stander..

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