May 21, 2021

Bicycle Lubricant,The Best Lubricant for Bicycle, 5 Important Points

The Best Lubricant for Bicycle

Bicycle lubricant, normally in India we give less importance to maintenance specially to bicycle, we all know the importance of maintenance and the first part in maintenance comes with keeping the bicycle clean and tidy, this part normally people will do it but the second part is lubricating the bicycle.

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The information I am providing in my website is very specific and I always try to give you most of my knowledge, because my dad use to say that we have to give more than you take from your surrounding and hence I try to give the best information I can provide.

Well regarding lubrication part of your bicycle we think why we should lubricate, well the reason is very simple the bicycle will run smooth and the main purpose of lubrication is to dispose of the heat generated by the friction.

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infographic use the best lubricating oil in India, bicycle lubricant

infographic use the best lubricating oil in India

Well if you are from engineering background then you may be knowing that the lubricants are specially design for each purpose, and here I am giving you the product and its, advantages, many people will just without knowledge they will lubricate the bicycle with some grease and any lubricant, which is wrong practice.

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If you are from engineering background you will know every bicycle lubricant is given a grade according to the requirement and the heat generated due to friction and the main purpose of disposing the head is achieved, which is not desirable.

When you are able to read my content then you are an educated person and you should use your knowledge in a perfect manner.

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The problems arise if you use grease or some lubricant lubricants are numerous, such as dust and dirt will be accumulated at the place you have lubricated, and one more con is instead of decreasing the friction you are adding something which is not required and will have many adverse effects.

Know if you use the lubricant I am showing in this post, will keep your bicycle dust free, and many more pro I am giving below.  

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looplube – Bicycle Chain Lubrication Pack – 125ml looplube ARID Dry Finish Lubricant and 125ml Cleaner (Off-Road Trial Pack)


Features, 5 important points

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  • loopwipe Bicycle Chain Cleaner and looplube ARID Bicycle Chain Lubricant are specifically designed for bicycle chains. looplube ARID is suitable if you ride off-road, or in dry and dusty conditions or in heavy rainfall.
  • Combo Trial Pack is for first time buyers – 125ml loopwipe lasts upto 2 uses and 125ml looplube lasts 20 uses. 125ml loopwipe Bicycle Chain Cleaner is also convenient to carry when travelling.
  • loopwipe cleans the chain within 10 mins. looplube ARID attract less dirt and muck. Chain needs to be let to dry for 15 mins after lubrication.
  • Chain maintenance is critical and covers almost 40% of regular maintenance procedures. For best results, clean and lube the chain once every 200 kms or once every 3 weeks, whichever is earlier.
  • Receive customised training when you purchase the product. Once you learn the art of chain cleaning, purchase loopwipe 500ml that lasts upto 10 uses.

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Bone-dry gives you a DRY Finish on your chain and pulls in lesser waste. It likewise functions admirably in outrageous climate conditions to give you fair oil.

On the off chance that you are searching for a very smooth ride, you should go for looplube’s WET Finish variation (Blue-Yellow Can), which gives your chain brilliant grease however will pull in somewhat more grime than the DRY Finish.

In the event that you need to check both out before you choose which one is best for you, go for the PRO Pack It’s consistently the best an ideal opportunity to begin keeping up your bike chain.

Chain upkeep covers at any rate 40% of your standard bike support needs, and whenever done utilizing the correct items and methodology, can give you fantastic execution as well as long life for your whole bike too.

After you buy the item (s), free preparing will be given (guidelines are given on the cap). Chain Maintenance is an ability, and its a beginning.

Whenever you are acclimated with keeping up your bike chain on schedule, and dependent on your advantage, we will acquaint and show you how with do Anti-Rust Maintenance, Cable Maintenance and Disk Brake Maintenance, and the sky is the limit from there. NOTE:

1. loopwipe 125ml is planned explicitly for preparing purposes and will last just 1 use if this is the first occasion when you are cleaning your bike chain with loopwipe.

Subsequent to getting prepared and figuring out how to clean the chain accurately, go for the 500ml loopwipe which is 40% more affordable by volume and will last 10 uses once you begin utilizing consistently. 2. looplube 125ml, in any case, will last 20 employments. Contingent upon your ride conditions, our specialists will suggest the correct use term that suits you.

3. Try not to purchase any extravagant brushes to clean the chain. All you need is an old toothbrush and a bunch of looplube and loopwipe. 

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We believe passion drives everything we do. We are a bunch of passionate bikers, cyclists and scientists working together to conceptualize, design and build products to further our passions. We started with a 15 year R&D project, to kickoff looplube with our All-Weather Bicycle Chain Lubricant, which became a success, thus giving us an opportunity to design and build better products by understanding the problems that our customers were concerned about.

Our first product has been changed to meet customer needs 28 times. We are based out of Mysore in India, and we are proud to be the only company of its kind. We ride a bicycle to work & we enjoy riding long distances on our favorite motorcycles;

Spending the rest our time building products that we use on a daily basis. We wish you the smoothest rides and thank you for choosing us as your bicycle maintenance partner. We assure you to top-notch product quality and the smoothest rides ever! 🙂

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Control The Amount of Spray

The 125ml All-Weather Lube is planned so you can dominate the pressing factor you apply on the spout (with some training) to get the shower even as drops.

The chain cleaner is intended to be controlled in three pressing factor stages – Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure. Become familiar with spout pressure taking care of in the redid preparing gave to you by our group of specialists after buy.

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Save Time and Money

Cleaning the chain takes a whopping 30-45 minutes using diesel or kerosene, ignoring its health effects and the drying time.

Lubing with imported lubes in the form of tubes/bottles takes forever if you have to lube it drop by drop (60 links, once on top and once at the bottom – 120 drops) on each chain link to meticulously ensure your chain is well lubed.

Now, with looplube and loopwipe, a perfectly clean and well lubricated chain will take just about 10 mins to achieve (with some practice), doubling the life of your chain set and decreasing your maintenance costs to half!

Super Smooth Rides
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Clean and lube your bicycle chain once every 200km or once every 3 weeks, whichever earlier and enjoy a new level of smoothness. Save energy (upto 10%) since a chain maintained with looplube will give you a power transfer efficiency of upto 99.56%, while a non-maintained chain may have a power transfer efficiency of as low as 60%!

The first step to DIY maintenance is learning how to keep the chain well lubed and friction free. Get ready to learn not just a new skill, but also to be connected to your bicycle as your means of expression, and to teach all your friends to DIY!




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