Maximum Speed of Bicycle, Average Speed of Bicycle in India

What is the maximum speed of bicycle ? The maximum speed of bicycle an average of regular commuter we can consider 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) but depends upon many factors listed below. Bicycle weight Height of bicycle Single gear or multiple gear The area planes The friction between Tyre and road […]

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Chain Cleaning Brush For Bike And Bicycle

Bicycle chain cleaning brush Regarding chain cleaning brush, in our last post we have mentioned the first step in maintaining bicycle is to keep the bicycle clean and tidy, but to achieve this we need proper tools, and today I am going to discuss about one of such product, that is chain cleaning brush for […]

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Bicycle Lubricant,The Best Lubricant for Bicycle

The Best Lubricant for Bicycle Bicycle lubricant, normally in India we give less importance to maintenance specially to bicycle, we all know the importance of maintenance and the first part in maintenance comes with keeping the bicycle clean and tidy, this part normally people will do it but the second part is lubricating the bicycle. […]

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The Joy Of Riding An Electric Mountain Bike

Riding a motorbike is enjoyable, using an electrical mountain bike is additionally fun. Buy Now On Amazon However the real beauty is regardless of their evident similarities, riding an electric mountain bike can give a little bit distinct journey to that of a standard wheeled vehicle, with the aid of advantage of the pedal-help attributes […]

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