April 22, 2021

Which Is The Best Cycle In India? Reasons And Pro, Cons

Reasons And Some of Pro and Cons to Focus on Best Cycle In India

The correct reason is its lightweight because of  aluminium frame, zoom suspension front fork, best quality tyres, and easy to repair brakes linear pull that all make the best cycle in India and one more important reason is in India the roads are uneven and we have to move up and down and if the weight of the cycle is lightweight then it will be easy to ride.

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Pro and Cons of this Aluminum Cycle

Pro –  lightweight, no corrosion, easy to pick and move, beautiful look, by medical point of view if the rider get a scratch then reduced risk of tetanus infection, if we are moving on uphills it will be easy because of lightweight, if we want to carry in hand due to where we can’t ride then it will be very easy due to lightweight.

Cons – due to lightweight if the cycle is moving in high speed then it will be difficult to control and the cycle may skid off the road due to this increase chances of risk, because of aluminum cycle may bend easily, as compare to carbon steel cycle. Gear alignment is needs precision knowledge, need Allen key and special tools which are not common in India.

Which is the best cycle in India? Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T, 21 Speed Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Bike

Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T, 21 Speed Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Bike


These cons are minor and can be over look if we ride the cycle under control speed.

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Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T, 21 Speed Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Bike.

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Apart from all this the most advance features of this cycle are as follows

  • The Firefox Cyclone is built on a Kids specific Alloy frame which is light and durable. The frame offers good stability.
  • Alloy Hardtail MTB Frame with front Zoom Suspension I Shifter: microShift I The bike is equipped with V-Brake for Power Braking, Double wall rims for extra strength, Seat QR for easy saddle adjustment I Tire Size :24 inches| Frame Size : 14 inches | Ideal For :9-12 Years| Min Rider Height : 4.6 feet | Max Rider Height : 5.6 feet | Front Brake : V-Brake| Rear Brake : V-Brake | Frame Material : Steel| Side Stand: Yes I Reflector: YES I Suspension :Front
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Refer to installation video in images to assemble the bike yourself or Add Cycle assembly for home installation while checkout. In case you need any further assistance in assembling the bike please visit nearest Firefox Dealer with Invoice. To know your nearest Firefox Dealer visit Firefox website
  • In-box Content : 1 Firefox Bikes Cyclone, Pedal, Tool Kit (Allen Key & Muti Spanner).
  • First Free Service: Visit Firefox website to book your first free service online. The first free service includes bike tune up, Chain de grease & lubrication, Brake wire and gear wire degrease and lubrication ,Air pressure checkup.
  • Material: Aluminum-alloy
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Firefox Bikes Cyclone, Pedal, Tool Kit (Allen Key & Muti Spanner) 

See On Amazon Video Demo and more details.

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