April 21, 2021

Helmets For Kids, Protective Gear, These 4 Special Helmets

Helmets For Kids

When it comes to helmets for kids, the strange thing is that adults wear helmets while riding a bike whether it is a bicycle or a motorbike, but when it comes to children they will not provide with such particularly protective gears, “Helmets for children” within view of such thing youngsters are in the more noteworthy danger test than grown-ups.

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Normally in most Indian cities, people wear a helmet, not as a safety measure but to get skip a fine from the police, this is a known fact and needless to mention here.

It is very easy to know who is wearing a helmet for safety and who is wearing a helmet to get skipped off police fine.

Protective Gear

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The people who wear protective gear for safety we can know by the brand which they are wearing, if it is an ISI mark helmet then he or she is wearing for the safety and if someone is wearing no brand helmet then it is understood the reason.

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Well still I am trying to figure out that even those who are wearing protective gear for safety purposes are ignoring their young children, and not giving enough ultimate safety, last time when I met my friend Mr. Ramesh he was riding a bike and wearing Vega ISI mark helmet for self and same Vega ISI mark helmet for his wife but his son is riding with them without a helmet suddenly I stop him and asked him where his the helmet for your son, he said “oh come on I never thought about a such thing before” then I explained to him you should think about your kids safety too dear Mr. Ramesh.

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He felt so embraced and I showed him these pictures of beautiful helmets for his kid,

Here I am referring to some very attractive protective gear the best quality helmet you can select for your young ones, and for your kind information they are not costly and they are quite affordable.

These 4 helmets are special.

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Vega Verve Open Face Helmet (Women's, Pink, S) helmets for kids

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet (Women’s, Pink, S)

Vega Open Face Atom Blue Helmet-M, helmets for kids

Vega Open Face Atom Blue Helmet-M,

Steelbird SBH-24 Boxx Open Face Unisex Helmet (Medium 580 MM) helmets for kids

Steelbird SBH-24 Boxx Open Face Unisex Helmet (Medium 580 MM )

Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Kids Helmet Integrated Molding Breathable Cycling Helmets for Kids

Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Kids Helmet Integrated Molding Breathable Cycling Helmet for Kids

Well actually the head injury of young ones will be more fatal, because the head bone takes time to be strong, enough to bear the shocks and even in the case of some down syndrome children it takes longer time, to be strong enough we can easily observe by casual look and no need of goggling it out.

The best helmets are ISI marked helmets, they have gone through many tests such as bump test, the required strenth test by putting heavy pressure on the helmets, best proper testing of material used in manufacturing the product.

Best possible cushioning is used, if a human head is inside how much safety it will give to the skul and how much protection is made against different type of impacts, if a person falls how much safety has done.

If a wheels moves over this helmets how much weitht it can bear, if a vision protection is used then how much protection is done to protect the eyes.

If sound is heard from inside the helmet how much impact happen to the head and ears, complete face and surroundings.

These all factors are considered while going through the test of ISI marking, the shear force and elasticity of the product, it means if impact is made the helmet should not break into small parts and damage the head or skul, all these factors play very important role in getting this ISI certification.

Still there are many more points which makes these helmets the best in the market.

Already as per law it is cumpulsary to wear ISI mark helmets, but many people ignore these points and when some people get involve in accedent then they will start blaming the non ISI mark helmet, I don’t know why they don’t realise, the importance of ISI mark helmets.





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