April 18, 2021

Best Bicycle Bag, Bicycle Frame Saddle Bag with Touchscreen Pocket

Bicycle Saddle Bag

Do you know why you should buy this bicycle bag , actually this bag meant for bicycle and has some of the awesome features, once you buy this you will find the difference.

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This bicycle bag is light in weight, looks very beautiful and attractive; everyone will start asking you from where did you buy this beautiful bicycle bag.

Whenever you send your children to market to buy some grocery they will never carry bag, and now a days we have to take our own bag to market and will we will have two advantages one is we can be environment friendly and second reason is we can avoid more outside material coming to our home, and we can keep a check on spread of covid 19.

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Now a days everyone is health freak and need a better environment around us, without sacrificing the beautiful products.

This beautiful bicycle bag has some of the awesome features you can keep reading here below.

Bicycle Frame Saddle Bag with Touchscreen Pocket for Smartphone

Bicycle Frame Saddle Bag

Bag details

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  • Made of polyester and can be used on bicycles to store mobile, sunglasses, keys etc
  • Easy to install on the front tube or saddle of bicycle with the help of velcro straps
  • Can accommodate smartphones upto 6.2 inch in the pouch and can access the touch screen
  • Comes with provision to insert headphone jack into mobile and listen to music while riding
  • Come with double zipper which is easier to operate and safer to store items inside pouch


More than all this just imagine if you are calling you son when is riding the bicycle, and he like to disconnect the phone then he can use the touchscreen feature and just switch off so that he can cross the road or a signal.

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Even if he feels the call is very important then he can call you back using his personal headphone features, but you have to instruct your children never to try such thing when they are on the main road.



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