March 7, 2021

e Bicycle in India ODO Bikes 1 MS Frame Hawk The Best eBike

ODO Bikes MS Frame Hawk E Bicycle (250W 32NM Rear Hub Motor)

Are you prepared to send your kids to school in shared transport or you should think of providing the best bicycle, Do you know about the 3rd wave?

Product description

The Electric bicycle market is very huge as the ocean. But we have maintained the quality and integrity of the product by using high-end components without compromising the quality to give a class apart experience to our customers. We don’t believe in selling just products, but we do believe in selling our trust, the vision that our company embodies.

Do you know why I am recommending do bike is simple it has got some very strong pros as compared to the cons of electric cycles in the market, such as easy to repair because no special tools are required, the power transmission is simple and makes this cycle special in the electric cycle area, the cycle is strong?

The cons are, not looking beautiful, no special shock-absorbed suspension, and normal technology.

This cycle is called ” hawk electric cycle ” or ” hawk electric bicycle ” the reason is simple we all know the bird hawk which has very aggressive, and when it decides to catch prey, how fast it can fly, and the design of the bird by nature is so beautifully organized that it can fly with very high speed just in a fraction of seconds.

This hawk electric cycle name has been taken just keeping in mind the speed of a bicycle, and this bicycle has been framed just like the high-speed bird hawk, the beauty of nature we can see in the hawk and the design of this beautiful cycle.

Keeping in mind the weight of the rider, and maintaining the high speed of a bicycle, the rims are designed accordingly.

If we just observe this bike it looks like other bikes but once you try and use it you will find a remarkable difference, just like the bird hawk which looks like other birds, but still, once it focuses on prayer then you can just feel amazed with the speed it just gains in seconds, and the beauty of the wings of hawk bird are design in such a way that it can manipulate the wind direction and fly swiftly.

I normally watch the hawk bicycle and feel the same way, the design looks so simple and unpredictable but it has the power of taking swift action.


If we ignore these two cons then this cycle will be the best to buy now on Amazon 

e Bicycle in India ODO Bikes MS Frame Hawk E-Bicycle

E Bicycle

Do you know 3 very important reasons you should have an electric bicycle?

  1. Electric bicycle is the future of every home because of the increasing petrol price.
  2. Indirectly you will be helping the nation from petrol money going out of our nation.
  3. Electric bicycles will be lighter in weight and easy to use, as compared to electric scooters.

These are the 3 Logic Reasons

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1. Motor: 36V 250W rear hub motor

2. Pedal-assist: 12 PAS for better sensory response

3. 5 Levels of Pedal Assist

4. LED Display

5. Cruise Control

6. Battery: 7.8Ah Li-ion re-rackable, 800 cycles

7. Max. Speed: 25Km/h

8. Range: Up to 35Km per charge

9. E-Brakes: Rear Electric cut-off brake


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1. Frame: high-grade MS frame

2. Fork type: Rigid

3. Mechanical Brakes: Front/Rear Powerful V-Brakes

4. Rims: 26″ double-wall Aluminium rims

5. Tyre: 26×1.95 tires

6. Brake Levers: Tektro Full Alloy Brakes levers

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  • 1. POWER DRIVE: Every ODO Bike comes with a powerful 250W 32NM Rear Hub Motor
  • 2. EXPLORE MORE WITH LESSER COST: 25-40 Km per charge. 7.8Ah removable lithium-ion battery and 3A fast charger that can juice up the battery in just 2.5 hrs.
  • 3. 3 MODES OF RIDING: MANUAL MODE: Enjoy the crux of riding in its conventional way, THROTTLE MODE: When tired just sit back relax and throttle your way to your destination, PEDAL ASSIST MODE: 5-Level of Pedal Assist to give you exact power needed for the suitable terrain
  • 4. ADVANCE FEATURES: Cruise mode- To ride a bike with a constant speed without using the throttle and/or pedal assist, Walk Assist- Just keep your hand on your bike and it’ll come along with you like your companion, Internal Cable Routing- comes with waterproof wiring which is routed through the down tube to avoid any cuts or breakage while enhancing its aesthetics
  • 5. BIKE FEATURES: 26″ double wall aluminum rims, KMC silver finish chain, Full Alloy Tektro Brake levers, Full Alloy Pedals, Quick release seat bolt, Raleigh handlebar

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