March 2, 2021

Best Electric Bicycle Which is Also Called, e bike, Electric Cycle,

Geekay ecobike, mountain electric bicycle 

Electric bicycle which is also called, e-bike, electric cycle, you should know the pro and cons, average running and how many kilometers (km) of the pedal free ride all the details.

Some important reasons why you should have an electric bicycle.

  1. Riding 30 to 40 KM without a paddle
  2. Electric power is cheaper than petrol
  3. Pollution-free atmosphere
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Comfortable
  6. Maintenance-free lifestyle
  7. Save petrol dollars going out of our nation and indirect help the nation
  8. Electric bicycles look great
  9. Helping the future generation the natural resources
  10. Check the global warming

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Geekay ecobike mountain tire electric bicycle 26 t inch wheel 21-speed gear bike Ideal height 5.5 feet to 6 feet |  electric adults battery bike | Riding range 30 to 40 Km in one charge| 26 t Eco bike Pro Plus E-bike.

Electric Bicycle Which is Also Called, e bike, Electric Cycle,

Geekay Hashtag Electric 26t Steel Frame 17 inch Dual disc NonGear Mountain Bicycle for Unisex Adults Ideal Height 5Ft-6Ft+ Age 13Year+(92% Assembled Rest Easy Self-Assembly) (Black Green, 26″)


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  • {Hi Powered Li ion Battery with USB charger}- BIS certified high capacity 270wh battery with a capacity of 7.5 ah will give up to 40km of pedal-free riding. Easily charge your mobile while riding with an inbuilt USB charging port in the battery
  • {Hi Torque Motor}= 36V 350W Hub Motor with 55nm torque will give you all the thrills of a powerful e-bike
  • {LED Display with 5-level pedal assist}- helps you keep control of the assist level you need. It also shows speed, mileage, and power and has a backlight for easy use at night
  • {Powerful LED Light and Horn}- Essential tools to ride at night
  • {Full throttle and 12 Magnet pedal assist modes}- You can use both the modes simultaneously. You can easily pedal using the 5 electric assist levels or simply use the throttle like any motorbike if you are feeling lazy or tired
  • Ride Like a PRO- On Sand or Snow
  • Swiss design
  • The effortless fun bike
  • Exercise in nature rather than in the gym
  • Explore the world like never before
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Some More Details Of E Bicycle

Eco bike Pro+ is The ultimate  tire electric bicycle. Its many innovative solutions and the latest technology make it the best  tire e-cycle in India in its category. This 21-gear electric bicycle assures your safety and comfort. The high-capacity detachable battery with a USB charging option comes as standard with all models. The powerful motor and the overall dynamics make you fall in love with it- every day!!!




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