February 17, 2021

The Best Cycle Fat Tyre-K8 Daredevil 20 Inch Cycle Fat Tyre

Daredevil 20-Inch Cycle Fat Tyre

Cycle Fat Tyre-K8 Daredevil 20 Inch Cycle Fat Tyre No Gear Kids MTB Both Boys and Girls – Sky Blue cycle for boys and girls.

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  • HIGLIGHTS:20 inch single speed (No gear) MTB cycle suitable for kids (both boy and girl) of age 5 to 9 years and height 3.3 to 4.3 feet. Easy seat adjustment provides flexibility to adjust the seat height according to the kids height.
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  • FRAME, BUILD and DESIGN: Frame has 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect. K8 DAREDEVIL is designed by experts and made by leveraging precision engineering. A stylish frame design with an attractive matte finishing sky blue colour makes the cycle stand out from the cycle crowd.
  • COMPONENTS: Most parts of the cycle are Alloy made. Fewer plastic components are used during the build, offering a smoother riding experience, Imparting high quality and durability to the cycle. Pedals-Alloy, Brake lever-Alloy, Rims-Stylish flashy double-wall alloy rims, Spokes-Alloy, Handlebar and neck-Alloy, Tyres-Nylon, Tube-Butyl Rubber
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  • FORK SUSPENSION: Front fork suspension helps in absorbing the shocks while riding on bad roads and thus reduces body ache.1-year warranty for front fork suspension. 20*2.4 inch Fat tyres offer better road grip
  • DUAL DISC BRAKE: Front and rare disc brakes offer better speed control and durability of the braking system. Traditional V Braking system requires frequent maintenance as it is easy to tear and wear. So disc brake requires less maintenance and saves maintenance costs.
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MDS K8 DAREDEVIL MTB cycle is a single-speed (gearless) MTB cycle suitable for kids of age 5 to 9 years and heights 3.3 feet to 4.3 feet.

MDS UNLIMITED CYCLES-K8 Daredevil 20 Inch Cycle Fat Tyre No Gear Kids MTB Both Boys and Girls - Sky Blue

Daredevil 20-Inch Cycle

The Frame is made of high carbon steel designed to give the best cycling experience to kids. The frame has 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Most of the components are alloy-made (fewer plastic components), hence the cycle is highly durable.

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Some Important Details About Cycle

The cycle package includes:1 pair of mudguards,1 assembly tool kit, and 1 bell Following are the main features: ->Front and read disc brakes for better control of the ride ->20*2.4 inch MDS sturdy MTB tyres for good road grip ->Stylish sports type adjustable seat with quick release ->Alloy stylish designed spokes and rims ->Alloy handlebar with rubber grips for easy ride ->Alloy pedals and Alloy brake ->Matt finishing with attractive sky Blue colour ->Adjustable seat post.

Seat height can be adjusted according to kids height Caution: ->The cycle needs a refitting or first service after 1 month of usage.

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After the first time fitting, the cycle parts such as chain, flywheel etc tend to loosen upon usage. So the cycle needs refitting or the first service after 1-month usage ->Even though an assembly tool kit is provided with the cycle, it’s highly advised to seek a mechanic or professional help. cycle assembly as screws, nuts and other parts have to be tightened appropriately for a good cycling experience. ->If you need any assistance please contact the seller on the mobile number provided in the invoice.



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