December 29, 2020

EVOX | Power Wheelchair Electrical Battery Operated

Details Of Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchairs are highlighted with High-quality edge work of steel with fluid artwork, Long life batteries, with stopping brakes manual too.

Wheelchairs can be handily dismantled, assembled, and amassed.

It tends to be handily conveyed in the vehicle. The regulator can be utilized on both left just as right side.

Back help give additional wellbeing. Flip-up arm rest makes it simple for sitting and getting up from the seat.

The pads are made for additional solace. Footstools are movable. The back rest can be folded

.Foldable Operation Modes both manual and electric mode

  • Removable battery box for easy recharging
  • Flip-up armrest, adjustable and detachable footrest
  • Controller can be exchanged from the right side to the left.
  • Handle Height Adjustment is also available

See On Amazon,

These power wheelchairs are affordable nowadays, people will be in the wrong impression that the wheelchair is the option only for rich people but now this is the wrong concept.

EVOX | Power Wheelchair Electrical Batter Operated | For Walking Difficulty Person | Fordable

Last year one of my cousin who met with an accident, bought the power wheelchair from Amazon, at first I thought he is not so rich and I thought it might have been given by some relatives.

But after talking with him for half hour, I just asked him to come on dear for how much did you bought this power wheelchair?

He suddenly become some nervous but he said by blinking is right eye, now a days these power wheelchair are affordable for every pocket.

He said just See On Amazon, you will know every bit of the details.

Then I just saw the manual and it was just a surprise, this power wheelchair is foldable, and we can carry it any place by keeping in the car.

The beauty of the product is it comes with just a battery, and it looks very strong.

The controls are well organised on the hand rest.

Even the foot rest is foldable, it is very comfortable and compact and easy to use.



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