November 22, 2020

Generic LED Headlight Rear Light, Speedometer Bicycle Combo,

LED Headlight And Its Importance In Daily Life

We all know when we were young we use to see the cycle with a round headlight and a small electricity-producing unit attached to the tire of the cycle which is called a dynamo, but now the technology has changed and we can see only LED Headlights, but do you know how important this headlight will be and if not then how dangerous it will be?

The information in red is very important

I am scaring you about the dangers of not having but this is a real fact, just imagine if you are riding or your kid is riding a cycle at night on the main road and suddenly if the power shutdown.

Then just imagine how fatal it will be hence we have to give first importance to safety and then other parts of the cycle and my best advice is just to buy an LED headlight now before it is too late.

Product Description Generic 002 LED Headlight

LED Headlight for the cycle is designed with the precision to work with minimum power and made at a feasible price that is most affordable for every person.

A speedometer is just not a product but gives meaning to the speed you ride your cycle, you can synchronize the speed at which you have the best control over the cycle if the product is made of precision then only it serves the purpose. 

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The beauty of LED headlights is portable and can be used in any place, the product is made for the user in most remote places and this can be bought and we can change the battery which is available at every shop.

The designing part is taken care of by the most experienced engineers taking care in remote areas of India.

When we are deciding on buying a product we always take the priority

Very important – if you need the item which is exactly as seen in the picture, buy from seller amardeep cycles.

If there are more than one seller on this page, select seller amardeep cycles for genuine items.

All the nice reviews are for units sold by amardeep cycles. 5 Led rear safety flashlight waterproof, works under any weather is controlled steady on and 7 different flashing modes adjustable inclination with elastic head strap.

This is a great tool for its price.

Generic 002 LED Headlight Rear Light and Speedometer Bicycle Combo, Adult

Generic 002 LED

This bike computer odometer speedometer has many useful functions.

It is also very durable considering even if you have put over 500 miles on it, you even don’t have to change the battery.

It is functioned as tracking your training progress in real-time. Easy operation and durability make it popular with people.

Generally speaking, with it, you can control your riding every moment.

Some more advantages we will add here.

About this item
  • Bike headlight with quick release bracket, rear safety flashlight with quick release bracket, and bike LCD bicycle speedometer
  • 3 Operation modes: normal, slow flashing, and fast flashing
  • Quick release bracket rear light up to 150 hours operation with 2 x aaa batteries (not included)
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Bike Head Light, 1 Rear light, and 1 Speedometer 

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