November 22, 2020

GA Multi Purpose Portable Combination Wrench with 1by4 Ratchet Handle Spanner for Car Motorcycle Repair Tool Box Shape Socket Set

Tool Box My Personal Experience

Tool box and it’s importance, let me tell you the importance of tool box once my bicycle breakdown, the pedal moves and the connecting area where there will be small balls will be situated I don’t know the name of the area but this has come out and the small balls also come out.

The information in red is very important

I wanted to fix it but because of not having proper tools I could not fix it, the problem looks simple but actually it is very complex we have to do many alignments, and we need many different tools if it was only one tool required then I could have borrowed from some one but here the problem of multiple tools.

I googled for the Tool box and got this tool box but I have wasted 3 precious days just because I am not prepared in advance that I may need a tool box hence I kindly request you to keep a tool box at home, we may require any tool at any time.

I recommend GA multipurpose tool box, because I used it and found satisfactory and recommending you all to use.

Product description of tool box

Tool Box Repair for Car, Motorcycle, Cycles is multipurpose and it is recommended for every house hold, we never know when tools are required and at the edge of last minute we can’t run begging people for tools.

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Gohil’s Accessories Fasten Nuts and Bolts of All Sizes. If you are someone who prefers to fix machinery and other equipment on your own, the 40-piece socket wrench set is the perfect addition to your tool box.

GA Multi Purpose Portable Combination Wrench with 1by4 Ratchet Handle Spanner for Car Motorcycle Repair Tool Box Shape Socket Set

Tool Shape Kit

Featuring 40 wrenches in different sizes, ratchet handle, spinner handle and more, this set has all the tools you need to perform tasks such as loosening or tightening bolts and nuts of your vehicle’s wheels, machinery, furniture and more. Perform these tasks with ease using the superior ergonomics of this wrench set. Blow Case for Easy Storage and Portability. When you want to carry your tools around to perform easy repairs on various equipment, the wrench set’s blow case is the ideal solution for easy portability and storage. This case also protects the tools from weather elements like air and water, thus preventing rusting.

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Some Important Points of Tools

  • Suitable for motorcycle, bicycle maintenance, suitable for all kinds of screws, nuts, Suitable for car dismantling throttle, seat chair, door lock
  • Can be use for vehicle maintenance and repair tools box.
  • Sleeve’s surface with its size, convenient to use.
  • Includes 1 pc 3/8″ reversible ratchet handle, 14 pcs 1/4″ Dr.Metric sockets , 14pcs 1/4″ Dr.SAE Socket, 3pcs 1/4″ Dr.SAE Socket (8pt) 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ , 1pc 3/8″ Dr.x3″, 1pc 1/4″ 3/8″ adaptor , 1pc 3/8″ Dr.x21MM Spark Plug Socket, 1pc 6″ Spinner Handle , 2pc 3/8 Dr.Metric Socket 15mm/16mm, 1pc Blow Case
  • This toolkit contains adaptor, extension bar, ratchet and spinner handle, and various types of sockets. Made of stainless steel, they are waterproof and corrosion resistant. It is a complete household solution kit when it comes to fixing something.  It neatly snaps the pieces in place and you can enjoy the compactness of it. 

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