November 20, 2020

The Best Single Speed Bicycle 26 Inch Geekay Hashtag 26 t

Geekay Single Speed Mountain Bicycle 26 Inch | Non-Gear Cycle for Adults

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Revolutionary, at first place, let me tell you the fact cycling is the best exercise, but proper exercise method will be different from normal  method, if we are having a single speed mountain bicycle, then the riding will become a pleasurable exercise, because this mountain single speed bicycle which is 26 inches is used on the mountain area then we can feel we are flying.

The information in red is very important

The reason is that when we are riding a non gear bicycle we can concentrate on the surroundings than keep our brain engaged in changing the gear this is what I feel may be different in others’ thinking.

I love riding a bicycle since I am 5 years old, my father bought a cycle which use to be with me and this was the only companion because my both parents were working, my mother was a Head mister and my Father Headmaster, in different schools and I alone son and whenever I am alone I use to feel I am neglected and use to talk something nonsense with my bicycle, and I use to imagine the bicycle is answering my questions.

Geekay Hashtag 26 t Single Speed Mountain Bicycle 26 Inch | Non Gear Cycle for Adults Road MTB Bike

Well but this companion has turned into love, yes love of cycling, still, I love to be alone with my bicycle and love to ride in the woods and use this single-gear mountain bicycle.

The quality is maintained at a high standard.

First I learn this big cycle 26 inch by half pedal ride, then slowly I gain confidence, just in couple of days and start putting full pedal ride, then once I got complete confidence, I started going in the woods and use to spend highest time with my single gear mountain bicycle.

About this item

Advantages and disadvantages 

  • Single Speed Bicycle is always the best for normal plane areas, if we are using for exercise then we need gear bicycle.
  • { Great design } Sleak, trendy and Stylish MTB- Hashtag is built to conquer any road or trail with ease. The frame is Aerodynamic designed to reduce air friction. The steel frame mountain bike with 26”, 27.5” or 29” supersized all terrain knobby tires.
  • { Double wall Alloy Rims } Hashtag comes with light weight high tensile rims for ultimate road performance.
  • { Safety First } Dual Disc Brakes: High quality double disc brakes on both front and rear wheels ensure stable and quick braking
  • { Amazing experience } Easily adjust saddle height with quick release, attractive grips and wide tires provide excellent roll, and a cushioned, stable ride
  • { Build your own bike- Easy Assembly } This bike ships 85% assembled ( Pedals, Front wheel , Handle Not assembled ) and with easy to follow instructions to completely assemble and enjoy your new bike. { Suitable Height } for riders 5 feet to 5 ft 7 inches tall, and has a limited lifetime Frame warranty.
  • Geekay brings you Single Speed Mountain Bicycle. Mountain Bicycle is built on a frame that is sturdy and design offers a leisure riding position. Our Mountain Bicycle comes equipped with a pair of tire which gives superior grip on road, brake are powerful, stable and safe.


Single speed gear if you are riding in hilly area then you will find the difference on other hand this mountain bike is good.

Product Information Single Speed

Superior mountain bike assurance: Our pick of the highest quality guidelines for cyclists of all disciplines.

The most beneficial bicycle coverage keeps you covered in case you need it most, however can additionally offer you accord of intellect.

There’s no denying that cycling has boomed this year, and whereas here s notable information on the total, it does additionally suggest that crooked opportunists have a lot more pickings to choose from. That’s why it’s critical to buy out an insurance policy.

There are, of path, accomplish you can choose to avoid annexation; the top-quality bike locks are designed to hamper criminals attempts for provided that feasible, while the most advantageous light-weight mountain bike locks are greater designed to discourage opportunists.

It be important that you just comprehend how to lock your bicycle, however no depend how active you are, with the appropriate equipment and satisfactory time, expert criminals will eventually walk abroad along with your satisfaction and pleasure.


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