I am sure and confident you will find this information very informative and completely satisfactory, and I like to give you all the details pro and cons about the entire bicycle related topics, and the advantages and disadvantages of each gear.

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Let me start with the primitive living style of individuals, at first they use to hunt and eat, then they modernized and started rearing and agriculture, and man made leap in the technology, and every time, they use the new gadgets then the old things will disappear.

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But only one thing remained since decades, that is bicycle, man made many inventions but still the bicycle remain basic pleasurable riding with many health benefits, we all know when the child grows up and he gets the first gift as a form of joy which turn into his enthusiasm again enjoyment, then the same thing will, become the medium of exploration of surrounding along with enjoyment.

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Do you remember your first ride? I bet no, because when you did not learn to read this you where master in riding a bicycle right.

And I bet still you love to ride a beautiful bicycle if you get a chance even though you may be having finest car, but still you love to ride a mountain bicycle, I am writing this just because, I am also in the same situation.

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Just have a look at this beautiful bicycle and tell sincerely if you get a chance you will ride it.Bicycle, The Best Bicycle For Me And My Children

Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike is my favorite bicycle,

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When we want to buy a bicycle which are the points we will consider.

  1. Branded bicycle
  2. Bicycle should have a pleasant look
  3. Easy to ride
  4. Height
  5. Cost, the best price bicycle
  6. Modern gadgets attached
  7. Flexibility
  8. Strong
  9. Light in weight
  10. Durable
  11. Best technology
  12. I should able to share bicycle with my son / daughter

It depends upon a person’s choice and taste, if you ask me to find the best bicycle in the market then definitely I will consider these point, but same question is asked to my brother his requirements may be quit different, his taste will be different.

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Definition Of Bicycle

Bi means two and cycle means if something starts at a point in it’s own axis and comes back again at the same point is called cycle, and here we have two wheels which are rotating and coming back to same point on its won axis, and hence the name bicycle.

Safety Measures During Bicycle Ride

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If we are exploring something then first thing we have to consider is about the safety, we have to take maximum safety measures, for that we need safety gears, which we have discussed here in the form of info-graphics, if you just watch the picture below you can understand much better than the words, and it will easy for you to remember.


infographic for bicycle, Bicycle, The Best Bicycle For Me And My Children

In India we have multiple choice when we try to buy some thing and it becomes very difficult for us to decide which product to buy, and we find so many reviews.

Let us discuss the best option here on this blog post you will never find such a biased review, one thing is clear if we write about something then it has been checked thoroughly, after that only we write a review.

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I have mentioned on my blog post that if you are staying in the area where you find steep ups and down then you have to opt for mountain bike with gear, the light version. You will get two +ve points here you will enjoy the ride and also you can ride comfortably right.

If you are staying in the area where you will find planes and you are using the cycle for work and schooling then just take the single gear cycle.

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